T Mobile Galaxy Note may have already been given EOL status

samsung galaxy note t mobile - for some reason we don't have an alt tag hereEven back when T-Mobile first announced that it would be releasing the Galaxy Note, Calob realized that the release was going to be a mistake.

The decision didn’t make much sense to me either, because with the Galaxy Note II right around the corner, and a plenty of other devices like the Galaxy S III already on T-Mobile, the Galaxy Note seemed like an unnecessary extra.

While T-Mobile did go through with the release and sold the Note for a while, now it looks like T-Mobile has adopted the same sentiment. Just a month after it released the device, it has stopped selling it online and the device is listed as out of stock on the carrier’s website.

Although it didn’t officially mention anything about the Note being given end-of-life status, it did release the following statement: “The Samsung Galaxy Note is currently out of stock online via; however the device is still available for purchase at select T-Mobile retail stores.” To me, that sounds a lot like it is beginning to phase out the large smartphone.

Other retailers, such as Costco, have placed the note on closeout, so if you still actually want one then you should head to your nearest T-Mobile store right away. However, even though it might seem odd for T-Mobile to phase out such a recently released device, I think that in the long run it will be the right move.

The original note won’t have much value when the Note II comes out, and the Galaxy S III is perfectly good for most users. As such, it simply makes sense that T-Mobile would want to move on – now let’s just hope that this means they will be getting the Note II in a timely manner once it is announced at IFA.

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