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Virgin Mobile cuts prices of HTC EVO V 4G to $239.99 off contract

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A couple months ago, one of Sprint’s prepaid arms decided to start selling the HTC EVO 3D off contract for $299.99. The EVO 3D thus became known as the EVO V 4G to Virgin Mobile customers, who – for the first time – have now been granted access to Sprint’s 4G WiMAX network.

Fast forward to today, and the phone is now available for $239.99 – a full $60 off the original asking price. That also makes it just $40 more than the HTC One V, and with that $40, you’re getting better specs (even though it’s an older phone), 3D technology, and access to 4G if you’re lucky enough to live in a WiMAX market.

The only catch here, and it’s not really a catch, is that you have to actually add the device to your cart for the special savings to show up. For some reason, Virgin Mobile isn’t advertising this price directly. But for a year-old EVO that’s still quite competitive in the smartphone market, this is certainly the deal to beat.

[Virgin Mobile via CNET]
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One thought on “Virgin Mobile cuts prices of HTC EVO V 4G to $239.99 off contract

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    Wow, $1080 for 24 months of cell service, unlimited data, unlimited txt, and no extra charge for hotspot.


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