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Your HTC EVO 4G has bit the dust, or has it?

evo 4g from Wikipedia - for some reason we don't have an alt tag hereHTC EVO 4G ROM development continues on with nearly completely functioning Android Jelly Bean ROMs coming out long after Sprint’s 2010 flagship phone stopped being manufactured or officially supported. You may be making plans for what to do when your EVO 4G finally bites the dust as taking it into the Sprint repair center probably will not result in you leaving with your original EVO.

So, if you want to continue your love affair with the original HTC EVO 4G, here’re some things you might want to know about in case your loved phone meets an untimely incident.

If your original EVO 4G no longer holds a charge, you could be back up and running with a fully-functioning phone for less than $10. Replacement HTC batteries – once in the $30-40 range – are now available for $5.25 at Amazon. 3500mAh extended super life batteries are similarly running less than $5 from Amazon.

You can replace the glass and digitizer on your EVO 4G for $6.65 if it stops functioning or gets too scuffed up, which is less than what Sprint was selling the cheap plastic screen protectors for when the EVO 4G first came out.

If the screen under the digitizer is broken, it can be replaced for $26, which is probably getting into a bit more than you want to spend on an older phone, but the price will likely drop soon enough.

If you’ve cracked the frame, fascia, or housing, a body kit can be had for $29. A new USB port can be had for $7.19. Almost every part is available for individual purchase somewhere or other.

Most repairs on the HTC EVO 4G can be done by someone who knows what they’re doing in about 20 minutes. Those who don’t should probably budget an hour to figure out how to break into the phone and accept that they may not be able to breathe life back into a dead EVO.

With phones being rather cheap on-contract, the main emphasis for this is the people who are dedicated to keeping alive what was widely regarded at the time as the original iPhone killer and running to take on the upcoming iPhone 5.

At some point attempting to resuscitate an EVO 4G becomes less an act of breathing life back into it, and more an act of necrophilia, so know what your spending limits are to keep the world’s most innovative Android of all time alive and let us know of any repairs you might have made that kept your EVO going.

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