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CyanogenMod introduces new native Quick Message options

CMXQuickMessage - for some reason we don't have an alt tag hereWhile we were away for Labor Day, the CyanogenMod team announced that it was integrating some neat new enhancements to its SMS application.

The new SMS application lists these new features:

  • Display pop-up Quick Message dialog when message received
  • Multi-message support with swipe between messages
  • Reply to individual messages
  • Mark individual or all messages as read
  • “Wake and unlock” option when message received

Those features were merged into the Jelly Bean branch of code and should have made their way to the nightlies for your device by now.

A day after that announcement, with suggestions from users pouring in, it added the option to selectively launch quick reply from the notification bar.

For those who aren’t rooted, if you’ve ever wondered why so many people root and go to CyanogenMod, or any of the other numerous ROMs and third-party apps we’ve mentioned on this site, it’s developer responsiveness like that: taking a user suggestion on Saturday and incorporating it in their code and repos on Sunday to roll out probably on Monday.

It’s a pretty neat time to watch what CyanogenMod is doing since the migration to Android 4.1, Jelly Bean, and how many devices it’s now available on, thereby kicking stock to the curb.

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21 thoughts on “CyanogenMod introduces new native Quick Message options

  • Avatar of Samson

    Android has come a long way in terms of UI and design, and luckily the rooting community gives it a push in the right direction. Google sees these things and rolls it in to the next update yay open source OS!

  • Avatar of Damon

    amen to that samson

  • Avatar of NYCHitman1

    That is pretty damn sweet. The CM team always tends to do a great job at providing their fan base with a great product.

  • Google take note. A lot of us would love these new features and improvements without rooting or flashing new roms.

  • Avatar of Nick

    This is something that MIUI has had since ~GB? love the feature and could see why so many users would want it. GOSMS Pro also has this, but i am not a huge fan of their app…. Either way, great work Team CM!

  • Avatar of Donovan

    Rest in peace papa bear.

  • Avatar of Chris Mann

    love the addition of the popup messages. Now if only they could get a full functioning CM to the Evo 4G LTE

    • Avatar of Paul E King

      I think the last on the big buglist is an audio problem and an intermittent MMS issue.

      Stable enough now there’re things evidently branching from it

      • Avatar of Samy Farrow

        Have they fixed the issue with only being able to mount the internal storage? That’s the reason I got off CMX, back to MeanROM

  • This is definitely something that should already exist in the OEM OS. The stock OS for my LTE has impressed me enough, that I have not bothered with CyanogenMod yet, but features like this make me wish my OS was a inefficient as it use to be on the old 4G ;) This is a cool feature, but not enough to entice me to go custom ROM.

  • Avatar of Cubsrule

    I love CM. They are some talented people right there. Can’t wait for them to get jellybean an everyday rom

  • Avatar of Closet nerd

    Yah thanks to CM I can hang onto my evo 4g and not feel like I’m missing out on all the fun

  • Avatar of Aaron Orquia

    Yet another great feature from the CM team, and a good reminder to update to the latest nightly as well.

  • Avatar of brandon

    cm 10 has been great, not my daily driver just yet but its a great rom

  • Avatar of Alfonso

    Thanks CM team :)

  • Avatar of mirosuki

    i love cyanogen roms! question though, is this messaging app available for download anywhere?

  • Avatar of Abraham

    I truly hope Google does check out these ROM’s as you say Sam. They are indeed very useful tweaks.
    Yet, I wonder if there are some half ass patents out there that prevent these from being implemented in full force.

  • Haven’t had a chance to really try out this feature, but it seems intuitive to add for a next release. It’s cool how progress is made by innovators. Kudos to Google for creating an open source OS, and thanks to CM for the rom.

  • Avatar of Jermaine H.

    Great to see this integration though it has long been available using the Go SMS app.


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