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Fabrik Reader lets you put down your tablet and resume reading on your phone

Fabrik - for some reason we don't have an alt tag hereFabrik Reader is a free Android application that allows all your Android devices to stay on the same page of the ebook you’re reading. This is extremely useful if you like reading on your tablet at home and perhaps might want to grab a bit to read on your lunch break on your phone.

It currently lists support for text, epub, and mobi formats and it looks as though the developer is working on some other formats.

The application works in conjunction with Dropbox. Your ebooks are stored in a folder you want there, and the application keeps a bookmark for where you’re at in your book that’s updated fairly regularly. If you pick up another device, you just run the application, enter your Dropbox credentials when asked, and read away.

Fabrik has been updated on a fairly regular basis as bugs are squashed and functionality is added,  it’s on a fairly fast track to not only being the best cloud-based e-reader out there, but the most useful overall.

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All I really need from it still is pdf and cbr format support, before it can replace all my reader software.

Fabrik Reader is available for free at Google Play but will require a Dropbox account (which can also be had for free) in operation before installation in order to function properly.

Download: Google Play

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6 thoughts on “Fabrik Reader lets you put down your tablet and resume reading on your phone

  • Great use of Dropbox by the developer.

  • Avatar of etiyi

    Thank you, this is exactly what I’ve been looking for.

  • Avatar of Abraham

    All I need now is the tabled I am going to win through pocketables!

    I read alot, but all in my phone and computer so when I do leave, I just save things to Pocket.

  • I’ll have to look at this. I’ve been using Moon Reader (it also syncs your place via Dropbox) in conjunction with Sugar Sync.

  • Avatar of Nagaraj

    what would happen if we view the same book simultaneously on both devices??? do they work independently after loading for the first time?

  • Hasn’t Amazon been doing this for a while now with Kindle?


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