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HTC EVO 4G LTE vs. iPhone 5

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The iPhone 5 was just announced yesterday, so it must be that time again – time to see how the HTC EVO 4G LTE stacks up to what is arguably its biggest competitor. (Hint: the EVO wins.)

The chart below is current as of today (9/13/2012), and for your viewing delight, I’ve taken the liberty of highlighting in red the areas in which I think one phone shines above the other. But like previous iPhone comparisons, you should take this for what it is: an unscientific, fun look at how these two smartphones compare.

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You can make the chart a bit larger by clicking on it. And as you can see, in the categories that I chose above, the EVO 4G LTE wins in 11 while the iPhone 5 wins in 4. That means it was a draw in 8.

So, you can get an EVO 4G LTE or an iPhone 5 for the same price from Sprint (although the EVO can be had cheaper elsewhere). They are both available in black or white. Since no one has really gotten a chance to play around with the new processor on the iPhone, we don’t really know which will be better in terms of everyday performance and use. We don’t know yet how much RAM is in the iPhone 5, so we can’t call a winner there, either. Operating systems are based on opinion, and individuals disagree, so you’ll have to decide for  yourself on that one, too. (The same goes for dimensions – some people find the EVO 4G LTE too big, and others find the iPhone too small.) And wireless connectivity is pretty comparable, including Bluetooth.

However, the EVO shines when you consider its expandable storage, compatibility with Sprint’s HD voice, NFC, the FM tuner, the screen resolution (the difference in ppi is too small to really make a difference), the camera (including aperture and frames per second), the front-facing camera (the EVO wins by just 0.1MP), the input/output options (MHL and microUSB are universal standards, while Apple’s Lightning connector is not), the kickstand on the EVO, and Flash support.

Apple wins in terms of greater internal storage options (although they come with a hefty price), weight, talk time (although battery life can be subjective and dependent on how people use their phones – we also don’t know the mAh of Apple’s battery yet), and the fact that Apple bundles a headset with the iPhone.

To me, the EVO is the clear winner. What do you think?

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