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HTC rumored to be working on a new 7-inch HTC Flyer 2

htc logo small - for some reason we don't have an alt tag hereFans of the HTC EVO View 4G or the HTC Flyer might be very interested to hear that HTC is said to be working on a follow-up, second generation Flyer. The Flyer 2 (since we don’t yet know what else to call it) is rumored to sport 7-inch screen – just like the original – with a resolution of 1280 x 768. Interestingly, it will also have the same anodized aluminum body that the HTC One S enjoys (you can read my full review of the One S here).

Other specs include a 28nm Snapdragon S4 chip, Jelly Bean, a 3MP rear camera, and a 1MP front facing camera. It also comes in a very sleek 0.28-inches (7.1mm) thin frame.

It’s unknown at this point whether the tablet will feature a stylus a la the original HTC Flyer, along with stylus-optimized software. Pricing is also unknown, but if these specs turn out to be true, it looks like HTC will definitely be trying to compete in the entry-level tablet market, alongside proven players like the Google Nexus 7 or the upcoming Amazon Kindle Fire HD. Hopefully we’ll know more after September 19.

In the meantime, let us know: would you be interested in a mid-range, more reasonably-priced HTC tablet? Or has HTC’s recent track record with software updates left a sour taste in your mouth?

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John F

John was the editor-in-chief at Pocketables. His articles generally focus on all things Google, including Chrome and Android, although his love of new gadgets and technology doesn't stop there. His current arsenal includes the Nexus 6 by Motorola, the 2013 Nexus 7 by ASUS, the Nexus 9 by HTC, the LG G Watch, and the Chromebook Pixel, among others.

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20 thoughts on “HTC rumored to be working on a new 7-inch HTC Flyer 2

  • Avatar of Susan

    We are definitely in the market for a reasonably priced tablet. Since we have HTC phones already, this might be a good fit.

  • Avatar of Alex Vroman

    I have a 7 inch tablet, the Dell Streak 7, and have friends that have 10 inch tablets. I have to say that the 7 inch tablets are the way to go, they are more portable, can do the same things and are easier to hold. I know that this debate could go on forever but 7 inch tablets do hold a lot of advantages. With the Flyer I feel that not many people were ready for such an influx of Android tablets, there were way too many when the Flyer came out. Now granted there are still way to many tablets out there, the selection, quality, price, and specific markets has changed greatly and that will be good for the higher priced ones because people know what they want, need and can afford now. Certain tablets will thrive in this new(er) market, while others will fail but it is better in the long run to weed out the bad seeds.

  • Avatar of Diego47

    I’m going to be making a move from the mid-west to the East coast soon and for the time being I can’t lug around my 24″ LCD and my tower. Until I am able to fully relocate in Jersey I’m looking for a very portable yet powerful tablet to keep me connected and well communicated with family. I’m already a fan of HTC and the EVO so I would consider this in a heartbeat. I want it by the end of October. Now, what are the chances of that????

  • The pricing better be in-line with the Nexus 7.

  • Avatar of Donovan

    Another week of speculation!

  • Avatar of Vakeros

    I would definitely like an HTC Note…
    Being a true pocketables fan 7 inches is the size for me. If it has a usable stylus in-built like the Note and had a connector for dock / keyboard with the new res. of 1280 x 800, and allowed MicroSD expansion then I would seriously consider it. Even paying a bit more than a Nexus 7.

  • Avatar of brandon

    so many 7 inch tablets!!! who to choose?

  • Avatar of Ofir Fatal

    I’m glad HTC is continuing their push with devices. I prefer them to Samsung and have been saddened by the recent downturn that HTC is facing… I’m hoping this works out well for them. As for me, I’m still on the fence about getting a tablet device. As sacrilegious as it is, I am looking forward to the Windows Surface tablet (Tabtop?) to replace my mobile needs. I don’t have a tablet nor a laptop so if it’s as good as they claim I will be first in line.

  • Avatar of Miguel Diaz

    The problem I see with HTC putting out this tablet is that while they make great products I just don’t think they can compete. The Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire HD both can have such a low price tag because both google and amazon know they will be making money not off the actual tablet itself but the apps people purchase. And while I hate apple ( I mean I really honestly hate them) they have a huge following of sheep that will do anything the herd does., and with apple introducing a 7 inch tablet pretty soon its just gonna make it that much harder for HTC. I mean I would love to have this tablet but I don’t want HTC digging themselves into any holes.

  • Avatar of etiyi

    I have the htc evo view and while it is nifty. It’s not what I envisioned a tablet being. It’s not quite powerful to be a replacement netbook.

  • Avatar of PaulM

    Like someone already commented, Galaxy Note 7″ equivalent would be very appealing, provided HTC made it well. There were a number of times I nearly bought the original flyer but my lifestyle didn’t have room for one, but now does have room for a tablet that’s easily portable for use when commuting.

    I looked at the Note10 but too big.

    I’ve been considering whether to upgrade from my HTC Doubleshot when the Note2 is on sale, but am v attached to a physical keyboard (being used to type this very post)

  • Avatar of GregM

    I still use my original Flyer on a daily basis. Sure there are newer and faster units out there, but HTC build a solid device with the Flyer.

    Too bad no additional OS updates came thru for the Flyer. It had a lot of potential, especially if it could have gotten an official ICS update from HTC.

    There’s good an bad with the original Flyer. I think in order for it to succeed this time, HTC has to do the following: Include stylus with tablet (forget paying $80 additionally this time around), ship with latest OS and come thru with future updates, and avoid a high price point. HTC builds great quality devices, but needs to remain competitive in pricing to steer me away from a Sammy or Nexus7 device.

  • Avatar of Doug Culp

    I’m guessing that, to compete with the Nexus 7,HTC will give it a price like $189. I can’t see it being much cheaper than that. Maybe they’ll surprise us all and make it $150!

  • Avatar of Abraham

    They need to make tables without sense! Even though I admit I truly enjoy some of the sense features, I prefer 100 times more to get timely updates of every OS that is released!

    I do not want to be stuck in a year with a tablet that is not supported anymore.

  • Avatar of BoostClone

    I agree with GregM as i have a evo view and it not being the powerhouse that others are it was/is well built craftsmanship is really nice the body has a good feel to it, screen had a nice brightness, sd card slot and also 3g/4g radio…my only beef was the lack of updates or for that matter not a well polished update. They could have made a decent honeycomb, they could have tried putting better specs in it, they just dropped the ball and turned their backs on us like whatever…it’s a shame the devices had great potential just no backing by htc…im scared to invest in another htc tablet getting burned once was not easy to forget. I still use mine just wish there was at least a decent ics update. I like htc over samsung but disappointed that they just say screw it lets put a beast of a device out so we gain our customers confidence..trendsetting samsung is doing it….c’mon htc step up. i don’t know if these companies think if the abandon a device that people won’t buy the latest one…wow are they so wrong if they think like that. I for one would update in a heartbeat if I was being taken care of by the company….

    • Avatar of BoostClone

      forgive my grammar errors. My keyboard the keys have become quite sticky from my 9yr old playing minecraft while drinking juice…jeez

  • Avatar of mirosuki

    Awesome! I’m excited to see what it’ll be like.

  • Avatar of GregD

    I wish HTC was the company chosen for the Nexus tablet. They REALLY need a Nexus device in their lineup.

  • Do the rumored specs include an SD card slot? That would be something nice to set it apart from the Nexus 7.


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