Humble Bundle adds an extra four games to current bundle

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Another week, another awesome announcement from the fantastic people over at Humble Bundle.

Just last week, I told you about the Humble Indie Bundle 6. Back then, the bundle included five games at any price – six if you payed more than the current average. Today, the below-average number of games will stay at five, but if you pay above the average, you will get an additional four games.

In addition to Dustforce, the original above-average game, you’ll also get BIT.TRIP RUNNERGratuitous Space BattlesJamestown, and Wizorb at no additional cost.

And since I like to say it so much, it’s totally worth repeating that a fraction of your money will go to the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) and Child’s Play Charity. Some of it will also go to the developers of the games you are purchasing, and the rest will pay for Humble Bundle’s server costs.

[Humble Bundle]
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One thought on “Humble Bundle adds an extra four games to current bundle

  • Avatar of Abraham

    I have never really bought into these bundles. Although they are for a good cause, I just do not find the attraction of having these many games that I dont know about and will probably never play.

    If I want to donate, I would donate to a more “known” company that I know does not spend much money in “processing fees” and such.


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