Microsoft rebrands the Windows Phone Marketplace and “Metro-style apps,” new website coming soon

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While most of the tech world was focused on Apple’s lackluster iPhone 5 and iOS 6 announcements, Microsoft finally confirmed its plans to rename the Windows Phone Marketplace and the depreciated “Metro-style apps” term. The company also revealed a few nice updates which will soon begin showing up on

The biggest change is that the Windows Phone Marketplace has officially been renamed the Windows Phone Store, effective immediately. This brings the naming convention in line with Windows 8’s Windows Store, which we reviewed last week. It might take a while for the new name to show up everywhere, but the unification of Microsoft’s app stores is appreciated. One has to wonder if the Xbox Games Marketplace will be rebranded as well. Based on the Windows 8 Games app, it seems very likely.

Microsoft is also giving the web-based version of the Windows Phone Store a makeover, making it easier to search the Store, sort listings, and report problematic apps. The updated will start rolling out to Australia and New Zealand, followed by other locations in the near future.

Speaking of apps, we finally have a name to replace “Metro-style apps” with: “Windows Store apps.” This comes courtesy of Soma Somasegar, the Corporate Vice President of Microsoft’s Developer Division. The name isn’t perfect, but it’s much better than some of the alternatives. And with Windows Phone now adopting the Store moniker as well, it sort of works for more platforms than just Windows 8. It’s important to note, however, that this only replaces “Metro-style,” not “Metro.” As for term “Modern apps,” it is now “a sweeping term that means apps that work on connected devices and make use of continuous services,” said Somasegar.

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