Nokia to bring even more features and apps to Lumia devices, including Bluetooth file transfers

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Ever since the Windows Phone Summit, some people have been concerned that the move to Windows Phone 8 would leave Windows Phone 7.5 handsets in the cold. Thankfully, that is appearing to be the case less and less. While there is still some confusion as to whether Windows Phone 7.8 will bring features other than the new Start screen to first generation devices, Nokia is doing its part to keep the Lumia line fresh.

The Finnish handset maker previously promised to keep delivering great content to all of its devices, and the company is finally starting to reveal how it intends to do so. The strategy, in a word, is apps; and lots of them. Frequent updates for popular exclusive apps like Camera Extras, Contact Share, PlayTo, Nokia Drive, Nokia Maps, Nokia Transport, and Nokia Music? Check. New apps like Nokia City Lens and Nokia Counters, which recently exited beta? Check. Standout apps from the Microsoft and Nokia press conference last week, particularly Cinemagraph and Smart Group Shot (with some “additional surprises”)? Check. A ringtone maker and an update to Contact Share adding support for Bluetooth? Check. The company also confirmed that highly anticipated exclusive games such as Draw Something and Words with Friends, as well as updates to apps like Bloomberg, WhatsApp, and Groupon, will be making their way to all Lumia devices, not just those based on Windows Phone 8.

Of course, Nokia has some software updates planned as well, including the aforementioned new Start screen and support for Bluetooth file transfers for any type of media. These features will complement internet sharing and flip-to-silence, which were added earlier this summer. Nokia isn’t ready to discuss the release schedule for any of these apps or features, but it’s obvious that the company is doing its best to keep its Windows Phones as fresh as the day they were purchased.

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