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PSA: Google Wallet to discontinue Prepaid Card option, spend funds before October 17

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If you’ve still got a balance left over on your Google Prepaid Card in Google Wallet, then you better spend it before October 17. That’s because Google is discontinuing the Prepaid Card on that date, since Google has already launched the ability to add any major credit or debit card in Google Wallet.

To inform users of this change, Google has been sending emails out to users of the service, and it has also set up a website with answers to frequently asked questions. Luckily, in case you aren’t able to spend the entire card balance before this time, Google will make it easy to request a refund: after October 17, you’ll be able to visit to request the balance as a refund. However, it’s unclear whether or not this will apply to promotional balances that you may have gotten when first activating Google Wallet on your device, or whether the refund will only apply towards funds you’ve added yourself.

It’s also noteworthy that if you reset your Google Wallet app right now, the Prepaid Card will disappear, and you will have to contact Money Network yourself to recover any lost funds.

Finally, Google previously charged a $2.00 monthly maintenance fee after 180 days without any transactions. But now, Google will charged the fee after only 30 days with no any transactions, automatically deducted from your Google Prepaid Card balance. However, Google is promising to not charge any fees as long as the balance on the Prepaid Card is spent before October 17.

So, to make things simple, just spend your balance before mid-October, and you’ll be fine. Otherwise, you’ll have some minor headaches to look forward to.

Are you in favor of these changes?

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