Quick app review: CM10 Downloader automatically downloads new CyanogenMod nightly builds

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For those CyanogenMod users that run nightly builds, remembering to check each night and download a new build daily can become a very tedious process. At least, it was a process that I often forgot to do before switching to CyanogenMod’s new M-Series builds. Indeed, keeping up with nightlies can be quite difficult, but fortunately a new app has just been released into the Play Store with the simple purpose of making the process easier.

The app is simply called CM10 Downloader, and does exactly what you might expect. Its interface has three main screens, one each for the old, current, and next nightly builds. The Old tab is a work in progress, but in the Current tab you can find the changelog for the current nightly version as well as a quick download link. In the Next Nightly tab, you will find the in progress changelog for the upcoming nightly. The settings area is where things really get interesting, with a setting to automatically check for and download the new builds every day. There is also a link to the Google Apps download, which is always convenient to have if you are often changing ROMs.

cm10 downloader1 - for some reason we don't have an alt tag hereCM10 Downloader may be very simple app, but it addresses a problem and fixes it with little fuss. The automatic download makes it easy to always have the latest nightly build ready to flash, and the whole process could even potentially be automated using Tasker and ROM Manager, where you simply get a prompt to install the new build when it is ready. In fact, now that this app makes getting nightlies so easy, I may just switch back to using them on my Galaxy Nexus just for the fun of it.


Download: Google Play

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