Samsung makes good on their promise, sues Apple over LTE

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Remember back a couple of weeks ago when Samsung threatened to sue Apple if the company dared release the next iPhone with LTE technology? Well, turns out they weren’t kidding. According to “industry sources,” Samsung has already “decided to take immediate legal action against the Cupertion-based Apple. Countries in Europae [sic] and even the United States – Apple’s home-turf – are our primary targets.”

Samsung obviously took part in the development of LTE, but certainly doesn’t hold all the relevant patents. However, it is still possible that it could cause some trouble or delay for Apple’s smartphone, although an outright ban is incredibly unlikely. But even if Samsung did get a temporary ban, it would likely not be before the release and sale of plenty of the new iPhones. Of course, HTC also holds some LTE related patents, and they are already in a dispute with Apple where LTE is involved. While I don’t think an outright ban is possible for such a big product as the iPhone, it will be interesting to see the outcome of these lawsuits.

It may be tempting for Android fans to cheer at Apple getting a taste of its own medicine, but as most tech bloggers (and even Steve Wozniak) agree, the patent wars aren’t doing anything for consumers. Although I’m not a huge fan of Apple, I don’t want to see the company prevented from including a fundamental technology like LTE in its phones. That isn’t good for progress, and doesn’t do consumers any good at all.

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