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Servers Ultimate turns your phone into a full-blown server

Servers Ultimate - for some reason we don't have an alt tag here

Servers Ultimate is an Android application available from the Play Store that allows your device to run 15 different types of servers on your phone. The free version allows for up to three fully functional servers running at any one time, while the paid version allows for as many as you want.

Some highlights of the available servers include running your own FTP server serving files off your SD card, a web server that you can take anywhere and update on the phone, or a DLNA server so devices on the local network can connect and watch your videos and listen to your music.

It’s a fairly impressive set of server features, and most people won’t require going to a pro version – but if you do, I’d be interested in hearing what setup you have running that requires that.

Servers Ultimate is not the most end-user friendly product. But then again, if you’re attempting to set up a roaming DLNA server or an FTP server for friends or a mobile web server, chances are user friendliness is not something you need.

Servers Ultimate does not require root, includes a dynamic DNS updater so your device can be found wherever it roams, and generally looks like a dream application if you’re attempting to find something neat to do with your old Android device.

Keep in mind running a server over your provider’s network may be a violation of your terms of service, so check your contract before using this. It would be a sad state of things to get kicked off your network for setting up a web page that, for example, shows the last photo you took.

?s=8&d=market%3A%2F%2Fdetails%3Fid%3Dcom.icecoldapps - for some reason we don't have an alt tag hereWhile not controlled by the author, I will point out that the ad network that the developer has joined has occasionally contained some somewhat not-safe-for-work advertising, so be aware that if you’re fiddling around with the program at work an advertisement for a MMORPG with a scantily-clad elf girl might randomly appear. I don’t understand how that little chain mail is supposed to protect anything.

Servers Ultimate is available for free with advertising from Google Play, or in various forms (unlimited FTP, unlimited web, etc) for about $2, or the whole package for $6.13.

Download: Google Play

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15 thoughts on “Servers Ultimate turns your phone into a full-blown server

  • I’ll have to check this out for the FTP server :)

    Great review as always!! THANKS! :)

  • Avatar of Dan Davis

    Haha enjoyed the comment about the ads. Will definitely check this out for another use of my OG Evo.

  • Avatar of Cubsrule

    Have no idea how to do all that so not for me lol. Seems like it’ll be useful for the genious’s out there though ;)

  • Avatar of jordan

    This sounds like something my EVO 4G should be doing while its sitting on the shelf in its past glory. Hmm.. what an idea.

  • Interesting… There’s gotta be some reason I need this.

  • Avatar of Barry Keller

    Not sure what I would do with this, but it does seem like something I should own.

  • Avatar of Aleko

    Has anybody evaluated this product from the security perspective? Considering the number of different servers it supports, there must be at least one vulnerability.

  • Avatar of Hwyman

    Hmmm…having a mobile FTP solution could be pretty handy. It would probably be a lot easier to use then bluetooth file transfer…and you don’t have to be in the same room!

  • Avatar of Michael Perry

    If you’re in a wifi area, this is great software. I’m thinking of picking it up for my tablet.

  • Avatar of etiyi

    Might give this a try

  • Avatar of Damon

    genius, but I can’t see why I’d ever need 15

  • Avatar of Abraham

    I might not use it much, but it would be nice to have it running every now and then. Specially if you just have an old EVO 4G just lying around.
    Thanks for the tip pocketables!

  • sounds awesome, i just can’t think of a reason to run a server from my phone. . . i’m sure someone will though.

  • I’m looking forward to using this once I get a new Android phone (contract is up in May). Would be a nice, portable development server.

  • might be neat to run on a virtual android machine ;)


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