SixAxis of Power makes finding profiles for gaming on your Android device a little bit easier

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Andreas has already written a great deal about using game controllers on Android, a unique feature that makes Android tablets quite a bit more fun for gaming than they otherwise would be. However, even with guides and wonderful apps such as Sixaxis Controller, getting the settings and keymaps just right for each specific game has still required a bit of trial and error, or at least some forum searching for a proper profile.

This is where SixAxis of Power comes in, a relatively new website steadily gaining popularity. On the website, users can browse through various profiles by device, and then download the .map files for specific games. These files can be imported into Sixaxis controller, making the setup of a game significantly easier, at least when using the Sixaxis app and a PS3 controller.

All of the profiles are crowdsourced and uploaded by users, so while the selection may be a bit slim right now, I expect it to grow quite rapidly as the website gains popularity.  I’ve already download the Nexus 7 Minecraft PE profile (which should hopefully be much better than my hurriedly assembled version) myself, and a new Asphalt 7 profile showed up while I was in the process.

The idea to consolidate user profiles into a single source was a good one, and SixAxis of Power makes it much easier for new users to find and setup Sixaxis profile, as well as more experienced users to share their discoveries. Here’s hoping that it really takes off, and ends up with profiles for every different game and device.

[SixAxis of Power]
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