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Some better camera options for your rooted HTC EVO 4G LTE

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When the HTC EVO 4G LTE shipped with the Sense 4.0 camera, it was a pretty revolutionary leap forward in terms of camera software. Unfortunately the Sense camera can’t be easily ported to AOSP ROMs, and the stock CM camera options leave a bit to be desired. But there’s good news for both rooted Sense and AOSP ROM users now.

On the AOSP/CM side, there’s the Samsung Galaxy SIII AOSP Camera Mod. This mod includes burst mode, high resolution and quality options, red eye reduction, effects, stabilization, 1080p video recording, and many other options, although many of the options only work on Android Jelly Bean with the newer versions.

While not yet a head-on competitor for the Sense camera, it’s on the right track for being AOSP’s shining answer on some quality hardware. Most notably, it falls behind for having to select burst mode before using it, as opposed to just holding down the camera button.

If losing the Sense camera is keeping you from embracing AOSP, this is some good news.

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On the Sense-based ROM side we have the Sense 4.5 Camera Mod. What pops out first is the zoom bar being moved and the ability to switch from rear to front facing camera without looking through the menus. Available video time and number of pictures is also flashed up before your first shot.

The options include full HD, unlimited burst mode, shutter sound, image encoding quality, and using the volume keys as video or camera toggles. The mod linked above has an issue of being ported from a phone that has no camera button, but developers are incorporating it into Sense-based ROMs now with the Sense 4.5 camera  already making an appearances in Meanrom 4.1 with working camera button.

My bet is there will be a plethora of Sense ROMs including it shortly.

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13 thoughts on “Some better camera options for your rooted HTC EVO 4G LTE

  • Avatar of Cubsrule

    I have MeanRom 4.1 and love the 4.5 camera. Love all the new additions. Doing big things. I have been wanting to give JB a shot too and it’s nice to know i could still have a decent camera when I do because that has been the deal breaker so far.

  • Avatar of etiyi

    Sweet. They’re making progress on the cm camera.

  • Avatar of abbazaba

    Great! I keep hoping someone can create an app specific to the One X/Evo that will be able to force the aperture wide open so we can all reap the benefits of f2.

  • Avatar of etnpnys

    “When the HTC EVO 4G shipped with the Sense 4.0 camera…”

    I think you mean the HTC EVO 4G LTE. Unless my 2 year old phone can time travel.

    …which, now that I think about it, wouldn’t be that surprising… A hidden feature to accompany all the other crazy state-of-the-art features of the time!

    • Avatar of Paul E King

      Much like the Wireless-N support, time travel was included but not listed as one of the features. Unfortunately Google couldn’t make heads or tails of Android French Onion Dip (the less-snacky and more fattening named third round of the alphabet OSes) operating systems and decided to have HTC lock it down.

      Fixed… I published that a little too late last night and didn’t catch that I’d missed one of the identifiers… which is something I was talking with a developer about yesterday… the only thing to differentiate one EVO from another in some cases is a single letter… the EVO 3D on Virgin Mobile looks like the EVO 4G…. it’s the EVO V 4G…. HTC has too many EVOs with similar titles these days… should have been named the EVO V 3D… eh, I’m rably…

      thanks for pointing that out – it’s fixed now

      • Avatar of Paul E King

        hey wait a second.

        I’m seeing paragraph breaks on the site now…

        Anyone else seeing this? Looks like comments are formatted as entered finally… whoo hoo



        • Avatar of Paul E King

          well, except double-enters are stripped…
          this was exciting to me.

  • Avatar of Damon

    I never realized how much I enjoyed the sense camera until switched to CM. I had to go back for just that reason. This might change things now.

  • Avatar of jmagnt7

    Glad to see the progress in ASOP camera. I admittedly use my camera way too much and when I tried CM10 that was really one of the only things that had me slightly bummed. AMAZING JB ROM all things considered.. Fast, lean and mean. But the dang camera felt like Cm7 (which was fine on evo4g) but Sense 4+ has just done such a great job this time around that it made me jump back in a matter of 2days. Sense camera 4.5 is an awesome and timely update. I could only hope that when JB “officially” gets released for evo lte/oneX that nothing short of the sense 4.5 experience will be pushed out with it. Heck.. Let’s shoot for a 5.0 ;-)

  • I definitely appreciate the rearranging of some of the effects in this mod, it does help put things in more accessible places. Now if only they would change the look/placement of that effects button so I would not be tempted to press it every single time…

  • Avatar of Dan Davis

    The AOSP camera mod has made leaps of improvements over stock. It really has allowed for JB roms to be a daily driver, with a close enough to sense camera experience for me not to miss it. I only would like to see holding down the camera button causes burst mode rather than setting it to do a certain number.

  • Avatar of Abraham

    I will have to try this one. The camera is great, but I think there is room for improvement.

  • Avatar of Wayne Tugwell

    I am really liking all the features that can be available to the EVO cameras, But i wonder why more Devs dont push this to the OEM so they can put these features into a Stock Rom, seems to be that there would be a better success rate of the hardware and software matching.


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