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Sprint announces 4G LTE availability in 100 more cities in the coming months

sprint lte map - for some reason we don't have an alt tag hereIf it seems like Sprint’s 4G LTE network deployment has been somewhat slow lately, that’s because it has: Sprint launched LTE on July 15, and so far, it’s only available in 19 different metropolitan areas, the majority of which are not huge population centers: Atlanta; Athens, Georgia; Baltimore; Calhoun, Georgia; Carrollton, Georgia; Newnan, Georgia; Rome, Georgia; Dallas; Fort Worth, Texas; Gainesville, Georgia; Granbury-Hood County, Texas; Houston; Huntsville, Texas; Kansas City, Missouri/Kansas City, Kansas; Manhattan/Junction City, Kansas; San Antonio, Texas; Sedalia, Missouri; Waco, Texas; and St. Joseph, Missouri.

But earlier this morning, Sprint announced that it expects to launch LTE in 100 additional cities in the coming months. This includes big cities like Boston; Charlotte, North Carolina; Chicago; Indianapolis; Los Angeles; Memphis, Tennessee; Miami; Nashville, Tennessee; New Orleans; New York; Philadelphia; and Washington, D.C.

Here’s the complete list from Sprint’s press release:

  • Aguadilla-Isabela-San Sebastian, Puerto Rico
  • Albermarle, N.C.
  • Anderson, Ind.
  • Asheville, N.C.
  • Athens, Tenn.
  • Athens, Texas
  • Austin, Texas
  • Barnstable Town (Hyannis/Midcape), Mass.
  • Baton Rouge, La.
  • Bethesda-Rockville-Frederick, Md.
  • Boston
  • Cambridge-Newton-Framingham, Mass.
  • Charlotte, N.C.
  • Chattanooga, Tenn.
  • Chicago
  • Clarksville, Tenn.
  • Cleveland, Tenn.
  • Coamo, Puerto Rico
  • College Station, Texas
  • Columbia, Tenn.
  • Columbus, Ind.
  • Cookeville, Tenn.
  • Crossville, Tenn.
  • Daytona Beach-Deltona-Ormond Beach, Fla.
  • Elkhart-Goshen, Ind.
  • Fayetteville, N.C.
  • Fort Lauderdale-Pompano Beach-Deerfield Beach, Fla.
  • Gainesville, Fla.
  • Gary, Ind.
  • Goldsboro, N.C.
  • Greenville, N.C.
  • Greeneville, Tenn.
  • Guayama, Puerto Rico
  • Hammond, La.
  • Harriman, Tenn.
  • Hickory-Lenoir-Morganton, N.C.
  • Houma-Bayou Cane-Thibodaux, La.
  • Hutchinson, Kan.
  • Indianapolis-Carmel, Ind.
  • Jacksonville, Fla.
  • Johnson City, Tenn.
  • Jonesboro, Ark.
  • Kankakee-Bradley-Bourbonnais, Ill.
  • Kerrville, Texas
  • Killeen-Temple-Fort Hood, Texas
  • Kingsport-Bristol, Tenn.
  • Kinston, N.C.
  • Knoxville, Tenn.
  • Lakeland-Winter Haven, Fla.
  • Lancaster, S.C.
  • Lawrence, Kan.
  • Lincolnton, N.C.
  • Los Angeles-Long Beach-Glendale, Calif.
  • Lumberton, N.C.
  • McPherson, Kan.
  • Memphis, Tenn.
  • Miami-Miami Beach-Kendall, Fla.
  • Morgan City, La.
  • Morristown, Tenn.
  • Mayaguez, Puerto Rico
  • Muncie, Ind.
  • Nashville, Tenn.
  • New Orleans
  • New York-White Plains-Wayne, N.Y.
  • Norfolk-Virginia Beach-Newport News, Va.
  • Ocala, Fla.
  • Ocean Pines, Md.
  • Palatka, Fla.
  • Palm Bay-Melbourne-Titusville, Fla.
  • Peabody/Lawrence-Methuen/Gloucester, Mass.
  • Philadelphia
  • Ponce, Puerto Rico
  • Port St. Lucie, Fla.
  • Roanoke Rapids, N.C.
  • Rochelle, Ill.
  • Rockford, Ill.
  • Rocky Mount, N.C.
  • Salina, Kan.
  • Salisbury, Md.
  • Salisbury, N.C.
  • San German-Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico
  • San Juan, Puerto Rico
  • Sebastian-Vero Beach, Fla.
  • Sevierville, Tenn.
  • Shelby, N.C.
  • Southern Pines-Pinehurst, N.C.
  • Springfield, Mass.
  • Statesville-Mooresville, N.C.
  • St. Thomas, USVI
  • Tampa-St. Petersburg-Clearwater, Fla.
  • Topeka, Kan.
  • Tullahoma, Tenn.
  • Tupelo, Miss.
  • Warrensburg, Mo.
  • Washington, D.C.-Arlington-Alexandria, Va.
  • Waukegan-Lake County, Ill.
  • West Palm Beach-Boca Raton-Boynton Beach, Fla.
  • Wichita, Kan.
  • Wichita Falls, Texas
  • Wilson, N.C.
  • Worcester-Fitchburg-Leominster, Mass.
  • Yauco, Puerto Rico

That’s actually 102 cities, in case you’re counting. Sprint also says it’s on track to complete the LTE rollout and Network Vision 3G enhancements by the end of 2013:

During the pre-launch phase, customers with capable 4G LTE devices may begin to see 4G LTE coverage in these areas and are welcome to use the network even before it officially launches. Sprint plans to announce commercial availability of 4G LTE in these cities in the coming months, at which point we expect coverage, performance and reliability to get even better. Eventually, the markets will fill in until coverage largely matches the existing nationwide 3G footprint. By the end of 2013, Sprint expects to have completed the nationwide build out of the all new 3G and 4G network.

This is certainly excellent news if you live in one of these areas, and even if you don’t – like me – it’s great to see that Sprint is promising LTE before the end of my current contract. Of course, Sprint still has to deliver on its promises, and a lot can still happen between now and the start of 2014.

It’s also interesting that Sprint seems to have changed its strategies a bit: previously, Sprint would usually block customer access to LTE in certain markets until those markets were ready to be officially announced. Now, it looks like Sprint will allow customers to connect to LTE as soon as a tower is live. While this does have the potential to create a negative customer experience (“Why does my LTE work here, but not one block away?”), power users like us are sure to appreciate it.

Have you started see LTE on your phone in any of these markets that haven’t officially launched yet?

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87 thoughts on “Sprint announces 4G LTE availability in 100 more cities in the coming months

  • Avatar of Spencer311

    They supposedly already have 4g lte in Wichita but I have been all around the town and there was only one time I ever saw it and i was on top of the highest building in Wichita lol. Are they ever gonna beef it up here?

    • Witchita is on the list of cities in which 4G will be announced in the coming months, so it doesn’t look like it has officially launched there yet.

      • Avatar of Spencer 311

        OK good. Cause with the regular 4g they put up one tower and called it good lol

        • Avatar of NYCHitman1

          What is this “regular 4G” you are referring to? Is that WiMAX? If so, WiMAX was built out by a third party company, and not Sprint itself – thus not leaving Sprint responsible for when and where equipment development/installation came to a halt.

  • Avatar of jmagnt7

    St Louis, Mo :-(

  • Avatar of brandon

    im in chicago and waiting for sprint to spread some lte joy our way

  • Avatar of Doug Culp

    Show me San Diego. Survey says……….not yet?? That’s okay, I’m still rockin’ the OG EVO till I’m up for upgrade next year.

  • Vegas got wimax fast so it looks like we will be last to get LTE I guess?Not good news for me.

  • Avatar of Mark Stoddard

    salt lake city… very spotty wimax coverage… I don’t think we have LTE, but i don’t get my lte phone for another month

  • Avatar of eh im gonna loose

    That’s cool I’m in fort Lauderdale hopefully we get it soon

  • Avatar of Steve C.

    Still no love for Ohio. Thanks Sprint. As the days pass my service is getting worse and worse. In turn driving my patience with horrible connection speeds further and further into the ground.

  • Avatar of John

    Been loving my wimax in Chicago for a while but cant wait for some LTE!

  • Avatar of Cody Jackson

    Still goin strong in Kansas City!

  • Avatar of tyrob56

    I dont understand this. They said announced the seattle area months ago but then it has never been mentioned again. Supposedly they were to start building out in october but seattle is absent from all of these updates. RRRRRRRRR

  • This is great news. I’m due up for upgrade right now but I was waiting for lte announcements and more phones. My city made the cut which is great. Now its just a matter of waiting till december to see if any other awesome lte phones come out. Maybe the gxy note 2. Can’t wait to see all the options I have by december.

  • Avatar of etiyi

    Still no stl? Sadness.

  • Avatar of Paul E King

    I was in Atlanta at DragonCon for a bit, saw LTE for the first time… also saw LTE fail as the parade started… watched Sprint’s network crumble and fail.

    Over the next few hours the network degraded to the point I had to force-roam to do anything. With Kim on WiMAX on the OG and me on another network’s 3G we managed to between us manage to get out of the city.

    The network needs to be able to handle a convention before I worry too much about speed.. that was terrible..

  • Avatar of Marc

    What about Pittsburgh?

    • Avatar of Shawn

      Pittsburgh is always last. I’m in Morgantown and AT&T just rolled out LTE coverage here and they used to have to worst service here.

  • Avatar of MAX POWERS

    I live in Dallas and have only managed to keep 4G up long enough to test it once. Sometimes even when I am in the same area I don’t pick it up again. I don’t much for speed since 3G for me is fast enough.

  • Avatar of xadidas4lifex

    By the end of 2013 there will be something better out and we will still be stuck with bad signal.

    • Avatar of Everett

      seriously… only the 5th largest city… LOL

      • Avatar of NYCHitman1

        Patience is a virtue, friends.

        • Avatar of qzik7777

          As a resident of Phoenix, my patience is wearing thin. I spent 2 years waiting for wimax that never came, and now we’re not even in the LTE top 100???? HELLO, SPRINT! THIS IS ONE OF THE LARGEST MARKETS IN THE COUNTRY.

          I loved my old EVO and my new EVO, but apparently I am an idiot for sticking with Sprint.

          • Loved my Evo for 2 years, still have it, but as a work phone. Fifth largest city and i saw WIMAX twice in those 2 years, on vacation!? Over 3000 dollars invested, I had to make the switch to VZW and i couldn’t be happier.

    • Avatar of Donovan

      Arizona gets no love 8(

  • What about Detroit, MI Sprint?? How come no LTE for us?

    • Avatar of Stiggy

      How about ANYWHERE in Michigan!? Not a single michigan city. I have been pushing to switch from sprint as this is getting ridiculous. You get what you pay for with Sprint.

  • Avatar of HawaiiD

    I see Hawaii in purple on the map.
    John do you when honolulu is scheduled to
    get LTE?

  • Avatar of rebekah

    the selection of cities seems random, I would love to see something in Michigan. We shall see.

  • Avatar of K-man

    Recently had to send my EVO LTE unit in for repair/exchange and had to go back to the WiMax on my EVO 3D. I thought the 3G speeds in Boston were bad, 4G is even worse. They can’t finish Boston soon enough! Be careful what you wish for, LTE in your area = 6 months of slow as s*** internet while they upgrade. If I were to guess, I’d say they had my local tower running off an old dialup modem during the upgrade.

  • Avatar of Chrislvb

    We haven’t seen LTE in the Virginia Beach/Norfolk area yet, but I have heard rumors of November to early 2013. I can wait.

  • Avatar of Mike

    Sevierville, Tenn. but not Seattle WA? Good job in setting those market priorities, Sprint! I guess we’re not known for buying that many smartphones.

  • Avatar of Miguel

    Only three big cities in Puerto Rico listed, but only one in the Greater Metro area (San Juan), hope they pick up the pace with the rollout, they need to get Network Vision deployed in Guaynabo and Bayamon also.

    • Avatar of NYCHitman1

      In due time. This list doesn’t mean those additional cities will not receive it. It just means these are the first to come. Patience is key here.

  • Avatar of surg3d

    Yes! My city finally made the list! Won’t matter much for me on the 3d but my wife will enjoy it.

  • Avatar of Dan

    NOTHING in Michigan? Come on, the Detroit Metro area is a huge hub for the auto industry, and you still can’t be bothered with providing 4G in the area? I honestly am not sure I’ll be sticking with Sprint if they don’t have 4G near me in 2 yrs (end of contract).

    I know things are still building, but I can’t believe Michigan is completely ignored, when Detroit is usually one of the first locations for most other companies.

  • I am disappointed Cincinnati is not on that list as we were quick to get WiMax. Looks like I’m keeping my Evo4g even longer. . .

    Sorry Sprint, but you have not given me any reason to upgrade.

  • Avatar of Travis

    No plans for CT I guess…but since Boston and New York are on the list, maybe we’ll get something? I had spotty WiMax with my OG Evo for the past two years, despite the coverage map showing nothing, so here’s hoping the same will happen with my Evo LTE.

  • Avatar of Nick

    I too will be waiting to upgrade until they ACTUALLY build the 4g in my area… not like last time…. can you say “hood-winked” by sprint?

  • Avatar of Rah Lee

    Sprint’s choices of cities is head scratching. You’d think they’d follow the top TV markets or industry hubs or something. Instead it seems like they put on a blindfold and throw darts at a map.

    • Avatar of Jerry

      I agree.. If I cross the river to Council Bluffs, IA i can get LTE. And it’s more of a suburb of Omaha,, but nothing here in Omaha… shoot they are not even going alphabetical LOL

  • Avatar of Hwyman

    Happy to see DC on the list since it was rumored we would get it this year. Still, I kind of wish I hadn’t pulled the trigger on the 4g lte when I could (sometimes) get Wimax on the 3d. Even with the pre-sale discounts, it would have been cheaper to wait and could still be enjoying faster speeds (sometimes).

    • Avatar of Hwyman

      I should also say that I’m looking forward to the faster lte speeds (sometimes). ;)

  • Avatar of evo401

    thats stright bs my state gets NO f ing love at all i havent even heard that my state is getting LTE at all??? i hate living in the smallerst state.. we get nothing.. can Rhode Island get some love??? wtf

  • Avatar of Chris

    I could of sworn Milwaukee was on the original list to get LTE by the end of the year. Did we get bumped off now?

  • Avatar of Jason

    Still cannot believe Denver is not on this list!

    • Avatar of danindenver

      “Still cannot believe Denver is not on this list!”

      Are you kidding?
      I’m still waiting for them to get 4G, here.

  • Avatar of Roger Abalos

    What are the chances of getting it in San Angelo, TX. I know that it is a small market but I noticed the list has Kerrville, TX and it’s population is only 25K, San angelo has 100K.I just don’t get it. San Angelo never even got 4G… PLEASE ADVISE

  • Avatar of Matthew T

    So Glad to see Sprint show some NC love….maybe Mount Airy – Winston Salem can get on the list. Seems like every small city on the list from NC are where Poultry Companies are located. Maybe there’s some payoff/connnection from the poultry industry with Sprint? Hmmm…

  • Avatar of Abraham

    Finally coming to Los Angeles!
    I am really intrigued by what kind of coverage/speed we’ll receive.

  • Avatar of Jack

    I love that Tampa gets so much love from sprint! Wimax got here quick and now lte on the way. Can’t come soon enough though, stepping down from Wimax to 3g has been brutal.

  • Avatar of EvoBluBalls

    Sprint needs to get towers for 4g lte out here on long island not just the city and its 5 boroughs like it did with just the 4g from wimaxx!!! Still an angry original Evo 4g owner that never got its 4g

  • Avatar of Jordon

    I have full LTE coverage at University of Texas at Dallas in Richardson Texas while i’m walking around on campus. Used it to watch netflix while working out, and it was faster than the campus wifi! Also see it often in The Colony.

  • Avatar of Enoch

    WHERES ORLANDO!!!!!?!?!?!?! ughh is this a comprehensive list?

    • Avatar of yota265

      From what I’ve read they are starting on the upgrade in Oct to be finished sometime in March. Soon my friend soon.

  • Avatar of Jerry

    Omaha, NE still waiting as well.. I don’t understand how the smaller cities are getting LTE and we don’t even have regular 4G let alone LTE… Verizon is starting to look better and better..

  • Avatar of adam48045

    Really sprint Puerto Rico, and the virgin islands but not Detroit. First no Wimax now no LTE I’m getting pretty fed up with this being my 3rd 4g device that I can’t get 4g on.

  • Avatar of Ofir

    I must say that I’m confused by the distribution of these upgrades. I can appreciate that they want to have as many sites live as possible, but what ends up happening is that you have major metropolitan areas that do not yet have LTE. Case in point, I live in the heart of Silicon Valley and I’m struggling with terrible Sprint “3G” (air quotes on purpose here). The classic response here is, if you don’t like it then get a new carrier. But this is exactly my point, if I am an unhappy customer and my solution is to leave the service, wouldn’t Sprint want to rush to make as many people happy as possible, rather than build a marketing scheme to bring in subscribers?

    I’m a bit bitter that I won’t have LTE in the foreseeable future but, in Sprint’s defense, I knew that going in when I bought the HTC EVO 4G LTE… guess I’m just curious why they wouldn’t focus deployment around the tech captial of the US.

  • Avatar of Puremadness

    I live in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and considering it was on the initial launch list it has poor coverage for the LTE network. I called and talked to a Sprint supervisor and he let me know that out of the 700+ towers in the DFW metroplex only 107 were broadcasting the new network. This was as of a couple of weeks ago. Which makes me wonder how few towers they had up and running on July 15.

  • Avatar of Chris Mann

    Big news from sprint, just wish they would have been clearer with the “coming months” portion

  • Avatar of Miguel Diaz

    I live on the outskirts of Philly and I’m hoping that we get LTE soon, but I’m hoping more that LTE actually reaches my area as WiMAX never did.

  • Avatar of Cristopher Rodriguez

    ANY LOVE FOR NYC?!?!!?!! Really sprint the 3G here is already horrible and all of us are really waiting for NYC. I am NOT driving up to White Plains to get 4G LTE

    • Avatar of NYCHitman1

      You can’t read? It’s on the list.

  • Avatar of Mark

    They can put it in Puerto Rico, but they can’t put it here in Hawaii. Figures

  • Avatar of sane619

    San Diego gets no love?

  • Avatar of Robert

    No ohio in that at all. Come on you were all around me with WiMax but didn’t get it. Show some love for Dayton area. Bring us LTE and soon.

  • Avatar of goober999

    I love reading the no lte threads as they make me laugh. Maybe buy something that already has a network up and running, just a thought.

  • Avatar of Josh Schneider

    This is great to hear.

  • Avatar of Josh Schneider

    I absolutely can not wait until 4G is in St. Cloud, MN

  • Avatar of Cubsrule

    That is awesome. I was not even expecting my city to be on the list and it is. Heck yea. Ocala, Fl

  • Avatar of Jaz

    I understands the complaint and frustration from those that aren’t getting it in their towns yet but I don’t understand all the complaining. At one point verizon did the same thing. They chose cities that weren’t on the maps of some people. But sprint eventually will start turning on sites at a fast rate if this 100 city list gets turned on like they say they will. Lets just see if they can handle it like verizon has.

  • So glad I live in KC.

  • Avatar of GregD

    Richmond, VA has WiMax but no LTE on the plate for a while I guess. Really starting to regret getting the new EVO and being stuck for 2 more years.

  • Avatar of Dan Davis

    Just wondering, and I guess this could become more of a forum thread, is the general consensus that areas that have had dramatic hits in 3g speed and signal strength are currently being rolled out with network vision?

    I have gone from full bars to one or no bars in my place in Philly. I usually suffer from numerous missed calls and dropped calls in a week. I only know I have a missed call if someone leaves a voice mail half of the time. It has literally been terrible and has so far lasted 2 months now. I now use my Google voice account and linked it with grooveIP to make wifi calls from my cell number. This solution works well when within Wifi and maybe G&E should do a brief write up on how to set this up. This will help readers once their area has poor signal due to the roll out.

  • Avatar of AdmiralKirk

    13… 13!!!!! sites in Florida… but not ONE in New Hampshire, Vermont or Maine… New England always left out of the fun :(. And no, Boston or anywhere in MA doesn’t count :P

  • Avatar of mirosuki

    Yeah no LTE in Hawaii at all except on Verizon… Too bad we can’t roam on their LTE network…

  • Avatar of cmccurdy

    I’m in Dallas and have only seen 4G on my Evo4G lte one for a few seconds. I barely have any reception and have dropped calls continuously when I do. As for data, forget it. It’s so slow I can only use wifi. I feel duped by Sprint and these announcements aggravate me even more.

  • Avatar of Chris

    This is certainly bad news for me in Louisville, KY, my 3G service has only declined in recent months, it’s borderline unusable now. Fml.

  • I have a iphone 5 and picked up LTE for a few minutes today while driving thru Memphis , Tn.. Hopefully they are starting to roll it out.

  • Avatar of keyfusion

    Still no mention of Birmingham,AL after getting jobbed on the WiMax. Bad indoor 3G south of town too.

  • Avatar of keyfusion

    At least it is some news for once though.

  • Avatar of Dillon

    What are the chances of San Angelo, TX getting LTE? Come on Sprint!!

  • I live in newport News VA Oyster Point area. And i was Abel to use LTE for 2 days which was superfast! @ 12.5mps but now its only 3G. Hope they bring LTE officially soon:D


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