Sprint to offer iPhone 4 through website only

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The new iPhone 5 may be out in a matter of days, but the older hardware isn’t going to go away. In fact, like previous new iPhone releases, the previous generation hardware will simply get a price drop and will still be sold by Apple and its resellers.

One such reseller is Sprint – but it’s taking a bit of a different approach to sell the iPhone 4 than most others. Instead of selling the free on-contract iPhone 4 in stores, Sprint will only offer its CDMA variant through its online store.

iPhone 4 will become a Web-only device effective on September 21. We will certainly still be selling it.

That is a quote from a Sprint spokesperson in response to what was previously a rumor about Sprint selling the iPhone 4 through only its website.

So, if you were looking forward to getting a free on-contract iPhone 4 this Friday, then you’re out of luck. While the phone will be free starting Friday, it’ll still have to ship to you. Chances are you won’t get it until next Monday.

Are you disappointed that the Sprint iPhone 4 will be a web-only device?

[9to5Mac via The Verge]
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2 thoughts on “Sprint to offer iPhone 4 through website only

  • Avatar of etiyi

    It’s still a pretty good deal and this way it ships directly to you.

  • Avatar of Abraham

    I wonder why they removed it. Just to make more room? Or to push people into just buying what is in front of them, that is not free?
    I wonder…


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