T-Mobile and Walmart team up to offer Galaxy S II for $299 off contract

Although I’m still quite happy with my Galaxy Nexus, that doesn’t mean that I’ve stopped looking out for deals in the smartphone space. In fact, if anything I’m always looking for a better deal, whether it is on a new phone or plan, because I’m always trying to find another more ways to save money. So while I personally won’t be taking advantage of the deal that I found today, it was just a bit too good to ignore.

Walmart has been offering a great exclusive $30 no contract T-Mobile plan for a while now, which Calob has already covered and I use myself with my Galaxy Nexus. The plan is only available off contract, and costs only $30 for unlimited data (5GB at HSPA+ speeds), unlimited texts, and 100 minutes. For those who use their smartphones for data more than calls, it is a very good deal. Now, usually when you use one of these off contract plans, you are required to buy a device at full price (without a subsidy) yourself. However, T-Mobile has just announced that it – in partnership with Walmart – will be offering users an unlocked Galaxy S II for only $299 with the plan.

It may not be the very latest device, but $299 for a brand new Galaxy S II is still quite a deal. The phone includes a very good processor and GPU, great camera, and can even run stock Jelly Bean if you care to root it. In fact, I would go so far as to say that this is a better deal than the Galaxy Nexus at $350, provided you don’t need the NFC connectivity or 720p display. The Galaxy S II is quite a phone for $299, and combined with the $30 T-Mobile plan makes for one of the best Android smartphone deals I have found. While most Android smartphones will set you back $199 and lock you into a two year contract, T-Mobile has found a way to get users into a great device at a cheap price, and hopefully save them quite a bit of money in the long run.

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