TeamViewer QuickSupport lets you remote control Samsung Android devices

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TeamViewer is traditionally a “prettied up” PC remote control system that has gained a fair bit of popularity for being easy to use, as well as being free for non-commercial use. Splashtop is generally faster and better for remote controlling your own PCs from mobile devices, but TeamViewer’s focus on remote support has its advantages. I use it myself now and then, mostly when someone I know needs computer help.

Now it seems as though TeamViewer might be focusing a bit more on mobile platforms, through a possible partnership with Samsung. Samsung devices running stock versions of Samsung Android ROMs are compatible with a new QuickSupport app that lets you tie Samsung Android devices into the existing TeamViewer system and remote control them from other devices. It works pretty much like TeamViewer normally does, giving you a unique ID on the controlled device which is used on the controlling device to ask for permission. You then get the Android device’s screen on your computer (or whatever device you’re using) and can control it from there.

The point of this system is to be able to provide remote support for Android devices. A typical scenario is a family where one person is good at tech and wants to help another member learn to use an Android device, but can’t always be there to do it in person. Basically the exact same thing that TeamViewer is used for on computers, just for Android.

I should point out that you can already do this by installing a VNC server on your device, but this requires root and a bit more tech know-how than using this app. Team Viewer is much more seamless.

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Download: Google Play

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