urevo - for some reason we don't have an alt tag hereUR/EVO 4G LTE SIX is a custom Sense ROM for the HTC EVO 4G LTE that aims at stripping as much of  HTC Sense out as is possible while still maintaining complete functionality and the ability to make UR/EVO  “your EVO”.

UR/EVO adds the MIUI style battery bar, full sound-enhancer settings, track skip mod, long press for quick settings mod, modified HQ camera, hotspot hack, and the 5MB MMS mod.

The footprint of the ROM has been dropped significantly by stripping many of the shipped Sense applications and services. After stripping, the ROM is coming in at around  350MB, making it one of the smaller Sense ROMs for the EVO 4G LTE.

One of the things the developer reports stripping is some HTC spyware, which also removes the ability to update your PRL or profile. I must confess to being a little out of the loop on the PRL updater being spyware, as this was the first I had heard anyone claim that and if anyone can point me in a direction to look at that I’d appreciate it.

Users of UR/EVO across various threads are reporting what I have as my average battery life on most custom ROMs. Your mileage may vary, but the stripping does not seem to have a huge impact on battery vs other non-stock ROMs.

UR/EVO also includes an OTA updater for extras and alerts to new versions so you should always know when there’s something new without having to go back and look regularly.

This would be a great base ROM if you’re wanting to get rid of Sense but still want the camera. Make sure to update your PRL and Profile before switching to this ROM as after you do, updating PRL/Profile will be a pain.

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