Android 4.2 Camera gets pulled, ready for installation on the Galaxy Nexus

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Just like the Android 4.2 keyboard from yesterday, the new and upgraded camera app from Android 4.2 with new features has also been leaked to the public. Unlike the 4.2 Keyboard, however, the camera app can only be installed on the Galaxy Nexus. (Update: As pointed out in the comments, the app should work on any device with Android 4.1 or greater), and only if the device is rooted.

Provided your device meets the criteria, installation isn’t too difficult. The only download required is a provided zip, which can then be transferred to your smartphone and flashed through a custom recovery like any other .zip package without wiping any data. Of course, it is always wise to make a backup before this type of installation, although it isn’t required.

The camera app from the .zip file is the exact same one found on the Nexus 4, and includes the new and improved interface as well as the panoramic “Photo Sphere” feature. In addition, speed and usability have been improved, and word is quality (especially in low light) is better, as well.

Unfortunately, I just sold my Galaxy Nexus and can’t give this a try just yet, but the new features all seem quite interesting. If anyone does have the new camera on their Galaxy Nexus, go ahead and leave a comment with your opinions on how much of an improvement it really is. Hopefully, the official 4.2 update will be bringing the new camera to all Galaxy Nexus devices quite soon, but until then, extracted elements might have to suffice for users who need the latest features right away.

[xda-developers via Droid-Life]
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