Apple utilizing some Store staff to help with Maps issues

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There are a few failings of iOS 6, but none are as big as the huge Maps kerfuffle that Apple is currently having to deal with. The company has admitted that it messed up, and has even acknowledged and recommended third-party alternatives, on top of promising a fix as soon as possible.

In Tim Cook’s apology email, he said that Apple needed the help of its users to make Maps the best Maps app that it could possibly be. But according to a new report from Mac Rumors, even that isn’t enough: Apple has started selecting a few members from a few of its Apple Stores to help improve the app.

Apparently, participating stores are dedicating 40 hours a week to improving Maps. Those 40 hours are distributed among all participating staff members who – if chosen – will manually go through the data to make sure everything is where it should be. If it isn’t, they have to submit fixes so it can be changed to be where it should be.

The technique that Apple is using to fix the app are unknown, but I’m sure it’s a mixture of comparing Apple’s maps to competitors’, as well as real-world surveys.

Maps is certainly one of the biggest upsets of iOS 6, but there is a silver lining to the dark cloud that is Maps: it’s being fixed right now.

[Mac Rumors]
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5 thoughts on “Apple utilizing some Store staff to help with Maps issues

  • Apple Maps were always going to be a failure.

    Wouldn’t take a genius to work that out.

  • Avatar of Closet nerd

    I don’t think it will always be a failure, Google maps wasn’t that great for a long time, so it would be expected apple would have some glitches.

  • Maybe they should just do like Bing and copy Google results.

    j/k :-)

  • Avatar of Gaffer

    It’s unlike Apple to release an unfinished product but iPhone users will just have to be patient. We all know they are working their butts off behind the scenes since the company does not like being embarrassed

    The good news is that loading times are noticeably faster due to the the maps being more data efficient.

  • Avatar of Abraham

    I believe that Apple is now pushing unfinished products like this, because it has to compete now.
    They are no longer innovating as much as before, so people are not ready to jump ship from anything they own to simply move to an iPhone.

    Even though I am a person that enjoys Android more, I do believe iOS is a great OS. Yet, as of now, it is truly playing catch up in alot of aspects that people expect for something to have. Yet, iPhone still has some strong selling points that people just like.


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