ButteredToast kernel for the HTC EVO 3D

kernels - for some reason we don't have an alt tag hereButteredToast is an Ice Cream Sandwich/Sense 3.6, 4.X, and AOSP kernel for the HTC  EVO 3D, both GSM and CDMA varieties. It’s also compatible with current Jelly Bean development at the moment, so this kernel can be used for a wide variety of ROMs, both experimental and stable.

One of the really neat things the kernel supports is USB host mode, so if you’ve been wanting to attach a mouse to your EVO 3D, you’re able to now. You should also be able to read USB flash drives too, but the people who have experimented with that so far have not gotten it to work proper;y. This also may be ROM dependent, so your mileage will vary.

The kernel supports WiFi undervolting and GPU overclocking, and allows for use of the flash in lower battery situations and Google Snappy compression/decompression, and includes a host of CPU governors to tweak the performance/battery to your needs.

If you’re looking for a new kernel to try, give it a shot and let us know how it works for you. Remember, you’re probably going to need to either be S-OFF, use 4EXT with SmartFlash, or flash via Flash Image GUI in order to get this to stick properly.

Happy flashing!

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5 thoughts on “ButteredToast kernel for the HTC EVO 3D

  • Is there anywhere to see how it compares feature wise to the latest privately available Anthrax kernel or is that kernel not to be mentioned here?

  • Anthrax can be mentioned here all you want, it’s only on XDA that they had an “Agreement” with Chad. G not to mention his work.

    Chad G is actually working very closely with BigWillyG, the creator of the kernel. MANY features that Chad uses carry over to Buttered Toast. The only things omitted, that I know of, are Chad’s CPU scalability tables. (not even sure what those are, or if I typed it right.) Any proprietary HTC or Beats code that he still might be using in Anthrax. Also, Chad uses Qualcomm source as his base, vs ButteredToast, which is based on HTC source.

    Ultimately, they feel the same and offer a lot of similarities. Anthrax requires registering with Chad’s website and to participate in the forums, while ButteredToast can be had by anyone.

    Battery life is about the same and so is speed. I think Chad is more anal about audio quality. lol So, he has his own tweaked BT and audio drivers that I am not sure are in Buttered Toast.

  • Back when I was posting kernels on XDA, I had 2 sets… one for XDA, and one for Infectedrom. The xda versions had full source available… Buttered Toast is the “xda” version of anthrax. Im working with bigwillyg to keep all the patches and tweaks inline with anthax. As of now – the only differences between the two are the base used, beats, cpu drivers, cpu-l2 clock mapping, some additional audio tweaks, and bluetooth.

    • wanna add: added code to allow same kernel to work w/ agrabrens camera in CM10 and sense – no need for different kernels anymore

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    I’m running cm10 wild for the night on my evo 3d gsm by johnysit I believe. I was wondering if this kernel is compatible with wild for the night. When ever I try to flash it my phone goes through the white HTC screen to a grey screen and stays there. Help please


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