CrowdGadgets | October 13, 2012

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Softbank, a Japanese mobile carrier, is in talks to acquire Sprint. The two companies are still looking into the feasibility of such a deal, but what would happen if it actually went through? John takes a look at what such a deal could mean for you. And if you’re someone who accidentally sticks SD cards into your MacBook Pro’s SuperDrive slot, fear not: Calob has a video tutorial showing you how to safely remove it.


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Pocketables was chock-full of reviews this week. In addition to the latest installment of our ongoing review of Windows 8 – covering cloud connectivity – we also published a review of Rovio’s Angry Birds spin-off, Bad Piggies. In the accessory department, we have reviews of the TellStick Net home automation bridge, the Cruzerlite Persona Case and the Cruzerlite RootzWiki Case for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, and the Noreve leather case for the Google ASUS Nexus 7.

Good and EVO

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HTC is leaving the US tablet market – but was it ever really in it to begin with? Big changes are happening at Sprint too, which might sell a 70% stake in the company to Softbank and is now offering a new vanity number service. We also took a look at what to expect soon from Google Wallet, as well as how to use third-party music apps in car mode in HTC Sense 4.1.

October Nexus Giveaway

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Your response to our September giveaway was so great, we decided to do it all over again. That’s right – between now and October 31, you can enter to win a brand new Nexus 7 tablet or $50 in cold hard cash. Every comment you leave is one entry, so the more you contribute, the better your chances will be. For more specific details, make sure to read our giveaway guidelines.

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William Devereux

William Devereux is the former Microsoft editor at Pocketables, as well as a Microsoft MVP and SkyDrive/ Insider. As his title implies, he wrote about all things from Redmond, including Windows 8 and Windows Phone. He is currently carrying a Windows Phone 8X by HTC and a Microsoft Surface with Windows RT tablet.

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