Exclusive: FreeMyApps responds to iOS guidelines change

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Yesterday, we learned that Apple had changed its iOS developer guidelines to reject apps that promote and help users discover other apps from the App Store. Existing apps will stay, but they will no longer be able to receive updates, guaranteeing an eventual obsolescence.

I’ve never used any app promotion or discovery apps, but I have used FreeMyApps. FreeMyApps, as I have written before, is a great way to discover new and free apps – all while getting Amazon or iTunes credit for more free apps. It’s one of my favorite services, but after the news of the change broke yesterday I was a bit worried that somehow, Apple would use the new guidelines to render FreeMyApps useless.

I reached out to the people running the service to see if they had to say anything about the change, and it turns out that they did. GM and VP of FreeMyApps Glenn J. Kiladis issued the following statement exclusively to Pocketables:

“We have great respect for Apple and the ecosystem it has built. The new policy will unfortunately affect many services but since FreeMyApps has always been a Web app and will continue to be a Web app, we are not negatively affected. In fact, our user base, which is already growing at a record pace, will be augmented by users that are looking for new services and we will keep moving forward as strong as ever, empowering our audience to continue discovering great apps and earning rewards.”

Thankfully, FreeMyApps will be staying where and how it always has been – a fact that makes me more than happy.

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