Google Nexus 4 and T-Mobile Nexus 4 are identical, will both include HSPA+ 42Mbps

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Earlier today, there was a little bit of confusion and concern surrounding network compatibility on the new LG Nexus 4. T-Mobile’s Nexus 4 page listed the new smartphone as including a 42Mbps HSPA+ radio, while the Play Store version was listed as having only 21Mbps capabilities. While seemingly an insignificant difference, it prompted some worries over whether there would be two different GSM versions of the Nexus 4.

Fortunately, it turns out that the 21Mbps rating in the Play Store was simply a typo. As with the Galaxy Nexus, the GSM version of the Nexus 4 will be identical for all carriers, and there are no separate hardware versions. The T-Mobile device also won’t have any carrier branding at all, or carry any carrier-specific customizations. US users won’t have to buy into T-Mobile’s plan to get 42Mbps service; the Play Store version will work just fine.

It may seem trivial, but the possible radio difference was concerning – at least to me. T-Mobile’s service plans, including its prices, for the Galaxy Nexus are good, but not as good of a deal as Google’s unlocked price. As such, if only the T-Mobile version included 42Mbps HSPA+, I would have been forced to choose the better price from the Play Store or the better HSPA+ service from T-Mobile. That is now a compromise that I don’t have to make, thanks to the fact that the devices are in fact identical. This in itself should also be good news to Android users, because who needs even more fragmentation, however slight?

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