HTC One X+ available for preorder in US

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If you’re drooling over the newly announced HTC One X+, and you just can’t wait to get your hands on one as soon as it’s available, then you may want to head over to Expansys right now and get your name on the list.

The online retailer is accepting preorders for the phone right now, although there’s currently no information on the site about pricing, or an exact date when the phone will be available. Still, Expansys’s preorder policy is actually pretty consumer-friendly, with absolutely no risk:

If you place a pre-order for this product now, we will not ship the product or charge your credit card without confirming you still wish to proceed when stock arrives. There are no cancellation charges.

That sounds pretty good to me! The only catch is that the phone is listed as being unlocked – which is good if you want to use the phone on T-Mobile, but bad if you were expected a carrier subsidy.

In any case, are you planning on preordering the latest HTC One series flagship phone? If not, what’s your Android of choice?

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6 thoughts on “HTC One X+ available for preorder in US

  • Waiting to see the upcoming Nexus by LG in the flesh. Looks very promising.

  • Oh yea,deff. Gonna pay full price for it cause i recently got a sgs3 but quad core lte is what ive been waiting for lol.

  • This phone looks sweet – too bad T-Mobile isn’t quite ready for LTE yet.

  • What will the Sprint version look and be like?

  • Avatar of Josiah

    I didn’t understand how people could feel cheated by updated phones. But as a user of the One X, this makes me feel bad for two reason: firstly, that the One X + exist, and also that the One X dropped in price to $0.01 on Amazon following this announcement, as opposed to the $200 I spent on it just a few months ago.


  • Avatar of Abraham

    I truly wonder how much this phone will sell for… I still think they should have waited to create a better phone for next year or for some months later.
    Not just a simply “upgraded” phone. I think this might simply piss off some clients that instead of getting faster software updates, they are getting a better phone thrown in their face.


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