I had no idea GoodReader for iPad has a partial zoom mode

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Sometimes, you discover something about an app that just makes you feel silly. That recently happened with me and GoodReader, the iPad document reader app I adore and have used for a year and a half. I’ve used it together with other apps, like GoodNotes (not the same developer), because I need a way to annotate PDF documents properly. Turns out, GoodReader has its own version of partial zoom annotation. Whops.

The feature isn’t very obvious in the UI, unlike for apps that are designed specifically for note taking. You first have to open the annotation menu, either by accessing it on the side (while the UI is active) or long-pressing on the page. There’s an curvy icon that indicates freehand annotation, which I already knew about. When you are in that mode, however, there’s an icon with a rectangle and a magnifying glass at the bottom that activates partial zoom mode. You can then tap where you want it to magnify, write in the large magnified area at the bottom, have it be shrunk down, use auto-advance, and so on.

I’m a bit embarrassed that I haven’t noticed this mode before, and I don’t even know if it was added recently or a long time ago. It makes it a lot easier for me to annotate large documents, as note taking apps are mostly designed for annotating small documents, not the 1000-page monsters I have. I still use GoodNotes for when I need to create documents from scratch, but GoodReader has taken over pure annotation duties.

The more great features I discover in GoodReader, the more annoyed I get at the Android equivalents. Apps like ezPDF and RepliGo reader are frankly garbage in comparison, at least for my use. Seems like I’ll never get rid of this iPad

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