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I’ve been using iOS 6 on my iPad 2 for a couple weeks now, and after an initial snafu with my WiFi, everything has seemed to settle down. While I have seen reports that a lot of people are not updating to iOS 6 for a variety of reasons, I haven’t had any major issues with the update.

The biggest emergency I have had happened the other day when my boss called me into his office. When the first words out of his mouth were “I updated my iPad and…” I immediately thought to myself  “oh crap, what did he break”? It turned out not to be as bad as it could have been. My boss uses YouTube on an almost daily basis. iOS 6 removed the YouTube app. So when he updated his iPad, he suddenly couldn’t find YouTube. I of course knew it was disappearing since we announced the change at the beginning of August. My quick fix was to simply open up Safari and create him a bookmark on his homescreen, and all order was restored in his world.

While I don’t get to enjoy(make fun of) Siri, or take pictures in beautiful panoramic mode (imagine that with an iPad, lol), or trust Passbook with all my sensitive credit information, or even use my iPad for turn-by-turn navigation on my next trip, there are some little things that I am enjoying about the update to iOS 6. These are the things I think Apple should have touted on its update page.

App Store

Yes, Apple completely redid the graphical interface of the App Store, and yes, it looks a lot better than before. That change is not the one that most excites me, however. The thing that changed is something that always annoyed me. I am a user who always wants to have all my apps updated. I want the newest and hopefully most bug free version of whatever app I am using. When I grabbed my bosses iPad last week to check on his YouTube app, I saw he had 57 updates available. 57! That, to me, is crazy. Why would you not want the updated version?

Anyway, because I was constantly updating my apps, and also constantly trying new ones to make some free money, it meant I was constantly inputting my iTunes account password. Everytime I wanted to download or update an app, I had to put in my password. I understand security is important, but if I just downloaded an app, and it turned out to not do what I wanted, and I go back to the app store to try another, don’t make me input my password again. I can understand if I had locked my iPad, but I didn’t even shut the screen off.

With the new store I have had to input my password a whole lot less. I don’t know the exact rules they have setup, but I don’t think I have had to input it at all to do updates, which makes sense since I already gave it permission to download the app in the first place.

WiFi Proxy Settings

Now this one is something that I would be willing to bet very few people would even care about, but I noticed it right away. At my work, we run a proxy server for our office network. This means any device that is connected to our office WiFi needs to have proxy information entered in. While this is a very easy and straight forward task to accomplish, it came with one small hiccup for me. I use two apps on a weekly basis at work: one controls the sound board in the church, and the other runs the projection software. The sound board app connects to the console via IP address and doesn’t care whether there is proxy server information or not. The projection one, however, is more of a pain. It won’t find the client on the computer if my iPad has the proxy information entered. This means I would need to remove it every time I wanted to use that app, and then add it back in to do anything on the internet.

It didn’t make any sense to me why I couldn’t just toggle between the proxy and no proxy settings without it losing the data I entered. Any computer I have ever had to enter the information into had a toggle of some sort to turn the proxy on of off without actually removing the proxy info. iOS 6 lets me keep my proxy info. Now I know this is a very small thing, but to me it was an annoyance every week, and now I don’t have to deal with it anymore.

Email Signatures

I am a man who wears many hats, and has many email signatures. I have three employers, each with their own email address, plus numerous things I do on the side. This means I can’t ever use just one email signature. And I hate the default “sent from my…” signatures. In iOS 6, Apple has added the ability to have a different signature for each account in the mail app. This means I can finally stop typing my signature every time and hope I don’t get my titles or company names mixed up. (It hasn’t happened yet, at least that I know of.) To enable this great feature go to Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars, and scroll down to Signature. Tap on Signature and then on Per Account. Then add your signatures for each mail account.

So these are some of my favorite iOS 6 changes. What are some of your favorites?

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Bryan Faulkner

Bryan Faulkner is a former associate editor at Pocketables. He loves to find new ways to use his tablets while working as the Tech Director at his local church. Mixing sound from the iPad is his newest obsession. He currently has a pair of HP TouchPads, an iPad 2, a decommissioned HTC EVO 4G, and a Samsung Galaxy Note II to tinker with.

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18 thoughts on “My favorite iOS 6 features

  • Haven’t upgraded _any_ of my devices, yet, for many of the reasons you suggest. But if the revised App store now has a “stop asking me about age-restricted items” feature, I’ll upgrade in a heartbeat.

  • Avatar of Vakeros

    Wow! I didn’t realise how far behind iOS is. This has been standard with Android for as long as I remember. You get two types of updates, regular where no permissions have been changed, which I always group update and those which change permissions which I check through and update as I want. Never had to use my account password to do so.

    • Avatar of Bryan Faulkner

      Yeah, that’s why it was so annoying for me. I’m so used to Android. If I wanted to add a PIN for the Play Store I could, but it’s not required. I wish I could shut off the password entry in the Apple Store.

  • Avatar of A. Davis

    You made him a Safari shortcut for YouTube? A) is your boss really that stupid that he couldn’t do that himself? B) you do realize that Google themselves put a new YouTube app in the AppStore before IOS 6 was even released, right?

    • Avatar of Bryan Faulkner

      Hey now. Not everyone is completely comfortable on mobile devices. Just because I had to help him create a shortcut from safari doesn’t make him stupid.
      And you do realize that the YouTube app in the App Store is designed for iPhone only, right? Which means it is next to useless on an ipad.

      • Avatar of A. Davis

        No, but the fact that he went “OMG… my youtube app is gone” and panic’d and called you might shed some light on his mental faculties. I mean come on… how hard is it to go to the AppStore and type in “YouTube” or to just open Safari and go to which will redirect you to the mobile YouTube site. He’s probably the same type of person that types “” into the search bar on Firefox. Is he stupid? Probably not. But if he’s paying you to help him make bookmarks to YouTube then maybe its not an iPad that he needs.

        • Avatar of Bryan Faulkner

          It in fact sheds no light on his mental faculties. Being smart and being tech savvy are on two different ends of the spectrum. He did look in the app store, and as i mentioned earlier, the YouTube app is designed for the iPhone so by default it doesn’t show up in the iPad app listing. Not everyone grew up with technology in their hands like I assume you did. That makes it harder for them to pick new things up, and it by no means make someone stupid for not knowing those things. These comments are just showing your ignorance about how people learn about technology, no matter what the age. I know lots of people that are much smarter than me that can’t operate a smart phone.

          • I’m enjoying this debate. I agree with Bryan here. Just because someone is not tech savvy it does not mean they are an idiot.

            I know plenty of people that might be considered stupid in other ways. Give them any piece of tech and they can start using it immediately.

            It all has to do with your comfort level and area of expertise.

          • Avatar of A. Davis

            Okay, point made. He’s probably not stupid. I’m an IT guy that works with a bunch of scientists and have often wondered how someone with 3 PhD’s can show such idiocy with something like using a smartphone. And I’m not talking about some complex Exchange server setup for their email that they actually need a qualified IT person to do… I’m talking about really simply things… like connecting to a wifi hotspot. I guess my issue is that your boss is using a device that cost anywhere from $600 to almost $900 depending on the options. Its sold as a “post PC era” device and is built around the idea of using the internet. I guess I just sort of assume that if you’re going to buy it and use it as intended, then you should probably at least know the basics of it (I consider finding the mobile version of YouTube to be a basic piece of knowledge). Otherwise, its sort of like buying a laptop, but not bothering to figure out the power button or the DVD drive or how to change the volume up and down. I guess there’s just an ASSumption (emphasis on me) that if you’re gonna drop $$$ on a device, you should know its basic features. Its not like he bought a Fisher Price kiddie tablet at Toys R Us. So… as it relates to his iPad, if he has it, but can’t figure out the basics w/o paying someone for help, then in my mind he’s either stupid or just bought it to look cool. Heck, my 5 year old has my old 3GS. I’ve never shown her anything about it, but she can figure out YouTube, Safari, searching Google, etc. In almost a year of having it, she’s only asked me to download apps for it, but never once asked me how to use it. And she uses everything on it from YouTube (the app) to YouTube (via Safari) to Safari to Weather to you-name-it. So in comparison, what’s that really say about your boss?

    • Avatar of EvoBluBalls

      Lol…at A.Davis I was going to say the same thing you posted about the YouTube app on the market place.

  • Avatar of A. Davis

    Re: the AppStore. You no longer need to enter your password if you’re upgrading an existing app. However, since earlier IOS 5 versions, they made it so you had a 15 minute grace period for entering your password.

    @gyffes: they still prompt about age-retricted features

  • Avatar of Kris B

    OK… That all sounds great, but I am not upgrading until I can jailbreak my iPad. I’d miss too many of the features I use on a daily basis if I did.

    Apple really needs to step up its game in the next update of iOS. I’m afraid with all of the issues/confusion surrounding the integrated apps of iOS6 we might see more people migrating to android.

    I will continue to enjoy both ecospheres even if this means that at times I’m paying a developer for an app twice.

  • I upgraded to iOS6 on my ipad solely on the merit of multiple signatures for my multiple email addresses. Yes, this is something that Android has had, and I was surprised to find Apple lagging in that regard, but I always find myself reaching for my ipad before my droid phone.

    My wife has mentioned getting me a Nexus 7 for christmas though, so that will be an interesting time to really compare the two tablet architectures.

    • But isn’t that because it is a tablet and not a phone?
      I am not using my android phone’s browser at all when i do have my android tablet with me.

      Why should I? Bigger Screen, Better Performance…

      But I would love to her from someone who has both – an iPad and an upperclass Android tablet – say TF700 or Galaxy Note 10.1 – which one he tends to grab for browsing or other “tabletstuff” in everyday life.

  • Avatar of Hayden Smith

    My least favorite feature: The new designs, so many things are black and white now

  • Avatar of Hayden Smith

    I do think the app store was an improvement though, not perfect yet but deffenitaly better

  • Avatar of hisuwh

    Sometimes it’s the little things like this that make all the difference. Something small that you use regularly makes a bigger difference than something big you don’t use very often.

  • Avatar of Abraham

    Most of these features are somehow already in Android. They are either already in the system by default, or they are easily put into the system with an application.

    Apple is playing catch up, big time.


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