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Quick app review: Google Calendar for Android on the HTC EVO 4G LTE

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Google has just released its official Google Calendar app on the Play Store. It’s the same app that comes pre-installed on Google Nexus devices, but what’s significant about this is that the official app is now available to all Android devices running Ice Cream Sandwich or higher – regardless of manufacturer skins.

“Great,” I thought. “Now I can finally get the official Calendar app on my HTC EVO 4G LTE! It will be perfect!”

Well, it should be perfect – except get a load of these warnings that Google has posted in its Play Store listing, specifically for HTC devices:

Known issues with HTC devices:

  • Day and week views may not work on some HTC devices.
  • Notes and pictures may be removed from all calendar events, but will still be available in HTC’s Notes app.
  • Local unsynced events may be lost after installing Google Calendar.
  • Notifications won’t make sounds unless HTC’s Calendar app is disabled.
  • Touching an email invitation in a mail app opens Calendar in the browser rather than the app.

While that doesn’t sound promising, I went ahead and made the jump (after making sure that any recent changes I had made were synced). I could always uninstall it if I didn’t like it, after all.

So what are my first impressions?

First of all, the home screen widget seems pretty buggy. Sometimes I can get it to scroll through my agenda, and sometimes I can’t. On the same note, sometimes I can open the Google Calendar app by tapping on the widget, and sometimes it’s completely unresponsive. It seems to have gotten better after playing with it more, but that was disconcerting in the beginning.

I do like the agenda view in the Google Calendar app better than HTC’s stock calendar app, namely because event locations are displayed in Google Calendar, while they are not in HTC’s.

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The month view is also much nicer in Google Calendar. Rather than simply indicating which days I have appointments scheduled, like the HTC calendar app does, Google Calendar actually displays the length of time that these appointments are scheduled. This makes it much easier for me to tell what days are busier than others, with just a quick glance. Google Calendar also includes a week view – something HTC’s calendar app lacks – which is cramped on my EVO’s screen, but still helpful when looking at my week in advance.

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Of course, HTC’s calendar app has the lead when it comes to birthday notifications, or other event notifications, that can appear in the lockscreen or be integrated into the messaging app. But I don’t use those features, anyway, so I think Google Calendar may suit my needs a bit better.

Additionally, the new Google Calendar app in the Play Store offers some other nice features:

  • Snooze events directly from a notification if you’re not quite ready and want to be reminded later.
  • Use predefined messages to send quick “I’ll be late” updates to your event participants directly from the notifications or the event itself (of course, you can always write your own).
  • Pinch to zoom in and out of a day.
  • Set a home time zone to help you manage your time better when traveling.

Over the next week or so, I’ll try Google Calendar exclusively, with HTC’s calendar app disabled, just to see how things go. If it turns out to be easier for my everyday use, I think that’s the set up I will stick with.

You can try out the official Google Calendar at the link below. And if you do, be sure to let me know your thoughts!

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Download: Play Store

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21 thoughts on “Quick app review: Google Calendar for Android on the HTC EVO 4G LTE

  • Avatar of MAX POWERS

    Can you do a follow up to this post in about a week and let us know your thoughts? It would help me decide to try it out or stick with the HTC calendar.

  • seriously google…HTC’s calendar kills this thing. plus the google widget was already on my phone anyway and that looks horrible as well compared to the HTC widget.

  • What I like about Google calender is that you can sync it with all you computers, laptops, ipads, tablets, wife’s cell phone, and the best part about it is that you only have to write your event once and it shows up everywhere.

  • So how do you disable the HTC Calendar app?

    • I believe you go to “settings” , “apps” , then make sure you go to “running”…. Find and select “calendar” in your list and there should be a “disable”, button…

  • Avatar of Cody J

    Ya how do you disable the other calender app?

  • Count me among those that can’t figure out how to disable HTC’s calender

    • I want to break free of Sense. The stranglehold it has on me is crazy. I tried CM10 and I loved it other than the Facebook integration and camera. Tried CleanRom DE too and loved that as well. The problem with that one was Facebook again. The Google calendar works great in that Rom. Not that I’m a Facebook guy. I only post about once or twice a month. It’s just easier for birthday and event reminders.

  • Avatar of hisuwh

    I didn’t realise the calendar app I was using on my samsung wasn’t the official google one. Though perhaps it is because it has a lot of the features youve mentioned.

    Especially the length of things on the month view and the week view

  • I can’t stand the HTC calendar, and it looks like I won’t like Google’s either.
    Touch Calendar makes so much more sense to me.
    Pinch to zoom is the way a calendar should be.
    colored dots on a monthly calendar don’t mean much of anything.

  • Avatar of Greg L

    The HTC calendar app has a week view option, you just have to add it as a tab. Open settings while in Calendar and pick “Edit tabs”. It’s there.

    I’m still looking for an app that shows the month view like the Pure Grid calendar widget. It’s display is exactly like ical, where it shows the titles of multi day events with a color bar showing how many days it spans. You don’t have to drill down into day or week view to see the event details.

    • Ah, thanks for that tip! It’s still not very intuitive, though.

  • Avatar of Hwyman

    I grabbed Business Calendar when it was the free app of the day on Amazon. It is highly configurable and uttterly worth paying full price (there’s a free version on the Play Store). I especially enjoy the option to see text in the monthly view altho that’s probably more ideal on a tablet if you have a busy schedule. I definitely put it up there with Swiftkey as something I would gladly pay for that has greatly added to my Android experience.

  • Avatar of Andreas Ødegård

    I would be angry at Google for making this ICS+ only, but it frankly looks so shitty that I just end up pitying Google for thinking this is going to drag people onto ICS. Widget is probably one of the ugliest calendar widgets I’ve ever seen

      • Avatar of tyrob56

        You are right. This thing is terrible

  • Tried it un-installed thought it was weak…tried business calendar worth 5 bucks

  • Avatar of bk w/bloody sauce

    i’m not having any of the lagging on my HTC EVO LTE 4G, but no notification noise. I disabled htc’s calendar and rebooted the device, but no notification. I’ll keep messing around with it. But right now, that is the only issue I’m having. Fingers crossed.

  • Avatar of Mark K

    I like the HTC one on my Evo3d better. Although, I do like the idea of being able to easily update across platforms.

  • I have installed calendar on my 4g Lte.on my daily calendar appointments are shaded in yellow with white printing making very difficult to view unless in dark area.Can either background color be changed or the printing changed from white to a darker color

    • just change your appointment color to something other than yellow.


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