RIM starts taking BlackBerry 10 app submissions

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RIM has delayed BlackBerry 10, its next-generation mobile operating system, a number of times this year. At one point, BlackBerry 10 devices were supposed to have been released by now, although they were most recently delayed to Q1 of 2013. A lot of people have doubted RIM’s veracity in regards to that claim; today, however, the company started taking app submissions, which means that the operating system is indeed getting closer to a public launch.

RIM detailed the opening up of app submissions in a post on its BlackBerry Developer Blog:

We’re excited to announce that BlackBerry App World™ is now accepting applications targeted for BlackBerry® 10 devices. This means that apps submitted to the store starting today, October 10, are guaranteed to be reviewed, tested and ready for publishing when BlackBerry 10 launches in Q1 2013.

In that first paragraph, RIM affirms its claim that BlackBerry 10 will launch at some point in Q3 Q1 of next year. And, as I have already written, the fact that the company has started to accept app submissions from developers is a sign that it’s getting closer to being finalized and pushed out the door for consumers around the world.

RIM also takes the time to remind its developers that, if they can make $1,000 from their apps on their own, the company will pay them the rest of the difference to $10,000 – provided that they can pass a quality inspection of sorts.

I’m really excited to see how BlackBerry 10 turns out. I want RIM to succeed so there can be four major players in the mobile phone operating system market fighting for my business. It’s better for competition – and will invariably give me better results on whichever OS I choose next.

Are you excited for BlackBerry 10?

[BlackBerry Developer Blog]
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4 thoughts on “RIM starts taking BlackBerry 10 app submissions

  • Avatar of Abraham

    I still believe RIM is just too late into the game.
    Sure, they have a fan base, but they are so late that most of them probably already moved to either Android or iOS.

  • Avatar of Shawn

    Is Blackberry 10 launching in Q1 or Q3 of next year? The quote from BB says “when Blackberry 10 launches in Q1 2013,” but this post mentions “BlackBerry 10 will launch at some point in Q3 of next year.”

    I agree that RIM is too late. And crucially, Q1 2013 means after the holiday shopping season, when people might buy stuff like this for gifts.

    But do hope they can hang in there for competition’s sake.

    • Avatar of Calob Horton

      According to RIM, it’ll be launching in Q1. Sorry about the mistake – I must’ve had 2013 on my mind.


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