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Sprint offers new vanity number service – and it’s pretty cool

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Sprint has just launched a new vanity mobile service called StarStar Me, and it’s actually pretty neat. Here’s how it works: For $2.99/month, Sprint customers can sign up for their own vanity number that starts with “* *” – like **SARAH or **CHLOE, for example.  Individual users can get up to two unique ** numbers per line, and Sprint says that there are other neat features that go along with this service, like “the ability to automatically respond to calls with a custom text message when they’re busy, as well as a unique way to share links to their blog, website or social media accounts.”

Although Sprint is the first carrier in the US to offer this service, it’s backwards compatible with AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile. In other words, customers of the four largest carriers will be able to call you at your ** number, and it’s possible that this will also work on smaller regional carriers who are affiliates of the big four (that’s not yet confirmed).

There’s also an Android app available right now that makes it easy to auto-reply to calls by text, send callers your contact info, manage multiple ** numbers, or block individual callers. An iPhone app is apparently on the way soon.

Overall, this seems like a neat service, and one that’s very reasonably priced, as well. (I guess with 3G data speeds on Sprint being what they are, the carrier needed some other way to differentiate itself.)

Interested Sprint customers can sign up at, or by calling **ME on their mobile phone. Will you be getting your own ** number?

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