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Viper4G ROM for the HTC EVO 4G LTE updated to 2.0.1

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Over the weekend, Viper4G – which we’ve covered before and loved – was updated to version 2.0.0, and then rather quickly updated to 2.0.1 when some bugs were discovered. The new update is based off of the 2.13.651.1 RUU, which has a newer kernel and radio than Viper4G 1.0 shipped with.

The new version includes the Zeppelinrox SuperCharger, Maximum Overdrive and Non-Sense app limit, unlimited recent app panels, persistent ADB enabled, and secure and blacklist folders added to the messaging app.

Lovers of Viper4G 1.0 are going to notice a speed increase due to the new kernel, and possibly better battery life with the new radios. Multitasking should also be fixed, and overall it’s a better ROM than what it used to be.

The only problem with the upgrade is the same problems that people have had with other upgrades – getting the radio and kernel up to the current version when you’re S-ON before flashing the ROM. S-OFF users, well, you know how easy that is for you. For some, this will work without the radio / kernel upgrades, but it’s really worth it to get them in place.

We have a guide for how to update to the newest firmware and radio without losing your stuff; however, I’ve been informed there may be a far simpler way involving flashing a stock recovery and then flashing radios and kernels, so you might want to hold off following that guide if you can wait. I will hopefully have something on that shortly.

Viper4G is probably the most customizable Sense-based ROM out there for the EVO 4G LTE, and there are literally a near-infinite variety of things you can do to the ROM if you feel like spending the time. You can check out the official theming thread for some how-tos and questions and answers. In the world of customizing, the Viper Theme Kitchen is it.

One of the comparisons always made to this ROM is MeanROM, which I also love and currently is my daily. Viper4G is much more customizable with the tools it ships with, but MeanROM is updated with every tweak, patch, update, etc. shortly after they’re released into the wild. Depending on whether you want extreme customization (Viper4G), or bleeding-edge tweaks and features probably updated twice weekly (MeanROM), that will inevitably determine which ROM is right for you.

Personally, I suggest flashing them both and switching back and forth between them, but that’s just my setup.

Oh, on a side note, when going to install this ROM, make sure to choose custom installation if you’re going to want Google Now included with the ROM. If you don’t know what Google Now is, well, you want it installed with this ROM. It’s neat. Trust me.

You should probably be updated to the latest TWRP if you have S-ON, and make sure to enable Dumlock (or know how to fastboot flash or Flash Image GUI a kernel) if you’re planning on flashing this and are running an older kernel/base/ROM. Also make sure to have a nandroid backup of your ROM handy, and if you have problems, make sure to check out the development/download thread.

If you flash it, let us know how it’s working for you.

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