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What to expect soon from Google Wallet

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Google made quite a stir when it opened up its Wallet to all major credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. But since that day, things have quieted down. The app got one or two stability updates, but no new features have been added. However, that’s all going to change – and apparently, very soon.

According to some enterprising individuals who have torn into the Wallet .apk file, there’s already quite a bit of new code in there for a new person-to-person payment service. This service will reportedly work like PayPal, in which your Google Wallet can be connected to an external bank account, and possibly even hold a cash balance. Sending money will only require an email address or phone number, although there’s no mention yet of NFC person-to-person payments.

There’s a lot in the .apk to suggest that Google employees are already internally testing this service, as well (a.k.a. dogfooding). This means that it’s probably very close to going primetime – and that’s a good thing.

More details can be found at the original tear-down link below, but I’d like to know what other features you want to see from Google Wallet soon. What about a virtual Google-branded credit card? (Maybe credit card rewards could be in the form of extra gigabytes of storage for Google Drive). I think Google also needs to expand compatibility with even more store discount cards. What else do you want to see?

[Android Police]
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26 thoughts on “What to expect soon from Google Wallet

  • This is AMAZING news! I am so tired of PayPal and its monopolistic crap.

  • Avatar of Rah Lee

    I’d like to see more websites have Google Wallet as a payment option at least the ones that accept Paypal.

  • Avatar of InTheRough

    I wouldn’t trust them to do their own card, virtual or not. They bailed on the prepaid card in Wallet, and I have to wait for a refund of the money I put on it!

  • Avatar of Doug Culp

    This is awesome. I’m sure it’ll end up as a competitor to Square card readers, once everyone is updated to a phone that can handle Google wallet

  • Sounds pretty cool and useful for a small business owner.

  • Person to person NFC already exists with Bitcoin.

  • Avatar of ads7221

    How about the ability to pay for things in their own Play store with funds from Wallet?? I was baffled that I could not already do this. Why not give users a chance to spend money on one of their own services!?

    • Avatar of NelsonTitua

      Good Idea! I thought the same.. They probably have that in mind also.

  • Avatar of NelsonTitua

    Thats Awesome! Just like chase where you can send funds.. Maybe it would be alot easier than that..

  • I’m assuming this is something that is only available in the US? I wasn’t really that aware of it before here in the UK
    Hadn’t heard the term dogfooding before – had to look it up.
    I like google as company and use a lot of their services. This seems useful. NFC payments would be pretty cool

  • So much for PayPal, I know way back when code was found in the “market” apk that would let you use PayPal. I know that paypal told Google to hit the road that they wanted nothing to do with them and well this looks to me like googles response to there actions. Hope it will be an amazing service when it comes out

  • No more PayPal. Woo hoo hopefully anyways lol

  • Avatar of CharlesS

    Sort of on but off topic to do with Google Wallet:

    Has anyone figured out…

    A) if GW was the culprit to creating issues for other Google apps on the Evo?
    B) if this has been fixed if it is truly the case. (or figured out what WAS the culprit if not GW)

  • I just want more merchants to support it.

  • Avatar of danindenver

    You gotta worry about the security of doing this, though. Sunday, I saw a metal wallet, to keep your credit cards in so they won’t get scanned. How tough would it be to intercept all NFC signals and replicate them?

    • Avatar of Paul E King

      well, considering it works like so:

      1: two NFCs see each other
      2: your phone opens wallet and asks for a code before it bothers to transmit anything
      3: on unlock, your phone receive a request to pay
      4: your phone grabs a temporary credit card number from google and then beams it to the scanner.

      In order to duplicate things, you’ll need the following captured

      1: all encrypted cell IP data directed at google (theoretically could guess the data stream encryption in a couple of weeks) – you’ll need this to find out who is using the card.
      2: guess the Google password
      3: all encrypted NFC data – there’s a chance with the encryption you could bust the keycode in 2.8 million years via brute force
      4: access to the secure element in the phone

      it’s pretty hard to grab any info off your phone without you specifically telling google wallet to broadcast it.

    • Avatar of davidr521

      Or you could just disable NFC when you’re done using GW…

  • I think this would really be a great feature to use.

  • Avatar of Robert

    This seems like a good thing that what google wallet should be. Right now the NFC is good, but just slower to use. But if it can be used from person to person payments it will make that faster.

  • Well I do not have an NFC enabled phone (Still on OG EVO). But would be nice to be able to do this with the email/phone number options of possibly a Bluetooth connection between the two phone (but would want an encrypted transfer in this case). Would definitely make things easier to get reeive payments for things.

  • Avatar of chrislvb

    I would really like to see wider support for Google Wallet. There are a few places around me that take it, and people are always amazed by it, but there needs to be more places to use it than there currently are.

  • Avatar of Abraham

    It will be extremely nice to be able to easily transfer funds. Yet, if they ever find out a way to crack into the system and bypass the PIN, like when someone is rooted. It would be very bad to have transactions going on with a lost phone.

  • with NFC this would be such an easy payment method….however I feel like digital pick pockets will soon follow.

  • Avatar of Miguel

    I’d REALLY like to add the Visa card that I already use for the Play Store, every time I try I get an “Unknown error”, which I suppose is caused by its Puerto Rico address

  • Avatar of Daniel Betancourt

    Any word on when this will roll out to all NFC android devices? Or will we be stuck with things like Isis & Square?


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