Accessory Review: Seidio ACTIVE with Multi-Purpose Cover for iPad

The Seidio ACTIVE is a protective shell and more for your second, third, and fourth generation iPads. It features a slim interior rubberish case, and two hard exterior shells that can form a clam-like protective shell if need be.

What would be the exoskeleton portion on any other ACTIVE series case comes in five colors, so you can add some color to the otherwise colorless accessory. It also provides some much-needed corner protection for the iPad. The exoskeleton cutouts allow the Apple logo to shine through, and also provide a relief from the monotony of a plastic shell.

2012 11 21 08.26.16 - for some reason we don't have an alt tag hereThe hard back portion of the case can be placed on the front for complete protection, but it also has a neat little interior kickstand, allowing you to prop your iPad at an optimal viewing angle.

I ran into a problem of the interior rubber layer occasionally rolling: If you swipe your finger past the edge of the screen and the exterior cases are off, the interior is not that snug. It’s not something that I do very often, but if you’re into Fruit Ninja or the like, it might become an annoyance.

The rubber-like portion of the case does provide a very good grip, and even has indents cut out that your fingers slip into. Whoever designed that portion had the ergonomic design down well.

Another annoyance that I had was that the interior kickstand oftentimes snaps back into place, and unfortunately the snapping take a little effort on a fresh case. I have a feeling that if I used it fairly regularly, it would get better, but it was something that did stick out. I also question why it needs to snap back in, as the kickstand is in the interior part of the case and is held in place by a different mechanism. Perhaps it eliminates rattle if the speakers are going, but I don’t know.

The back of the hard shell has two rubber feet that allow the case to grip an inclined surface, or in my case, carry the remnants of my cat and the dust in which I placed it for the remainder of the day. The dust and dirt wipe off the feet easy enough, but it does look like you’re carrying your own lint and fur collection if you’ve been catted recently.

I don’t think it’s the most stylish case I’ve run across, but I think it wins in protection. I believe it also wins for the award for least expensive Seidio protective product per square inch, as cases with less design and thought put into them for much smaller devices are coming in a lot more expensive.

Anyway, if you’re looking for a gift for an iPad-wielding loved one, this feels solid, seems to do the job, and comes in at a reasonable price.

The Seidio ACTIVE with Multi-Purpose Cover for iPad is available from Seidio Online for $59.95.

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