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Ally Bank finally updates its Android app with tons of useful features

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Ally Bank has just released a major update to its Android app, introducing features such as mobile check deposits, transfers from external accounts, and online bill pay. Previously, the app only allowed customers to check their account balances or make transfers between other Ally accounts.

Ally Bank is, by far, one of the most popular online-only banks in the United States. Given this fact, its mobile strategy has been quite confusing: it only released its first version of the Android app in early 2012, and before then, didn’t even offer a mobile version of its website. After the app’s initial release, there were no updates for quite a long time.

People who wanted to remotely deposit checks had to do so on a desktop computer with an attached scanner. People also had to visit the desktop site to transfer money to and from external accounts, or make use of Ally’s online bill pay system. Given the fact that web traffic is increasingly mobile, this was a very convoluted process.

That all changes now. The latest update makes the app incredibly useful – it’s now officially possible for me to do all of my essential banking transactions from a mobile app on my HTC EVO 4G LTE; there’s no need to ever open a browser anymore. Do any of you use Ally Bank, or are any of your considering making a switch now that Ally can truly call itself a mobile bank?

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One thought on “Ally Bank finally updates its Android app with tons of useful features

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    Since ING was bought by Capital One I have been looking at Ally. Now I may make the jump.


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