Quick app review: AutoShare for Android

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Android has a neat little feature that allows you to share information between apps using a Share menu. Common uses include sharing Google Play links via email, share an RSS feed on Twitter, and things like that.

João Dias, known for apps like AutoRemote, AutoShortcut, and other “AutoApps,” has now released a new Tasker plug-in called AutoShare. The purpose of this plug-in is to allow you to send information to Tasker via the Share menu. AutoShare will be available as a Share option when installed, and if chosen, will trigger AutoShare profiles in Tasker. You will then be able to access the sender, subject, and text that was shared, as well as an array containing image paths if images were shared.

You can filter by the different fields, and there’s a command system that allows you to create a number of preset options for what to do with the shared information. Let’s say you want to create a Read To Me feature. You simply create a new Tasker profile, select the AutoShare context, select Event Behavior, and add a new command called Read. You tie it to a task with a single action, Say, with text being %astext. Then, if you go to an app that can share text, you select Share, AutoShare Command, and the Read option. Tasker will then read the text to you. Other usage examples include sharing information to a todo list, sharing images to save them, create your own “read later” feature, or create a wish list of Google Play apps. The command system makes this very versatile, as you can essentially create presets for anything.

AutoShare also works the other way, i.e. it can share to other apps via an action. You could for instance use variable data processing to extract information from a website and then tweet it out via AutoShare. If you have a todo list system in Tasker like I do, you can use this to share items in a number of ways. It all depends on what apps you have installed that can received shared information – I for instance have an option for Cmarks to add bookmarks, so I could create something that adds links that match a specific filter from a website to my bookmarks.

I have to play with this a bit more myself to see how I can use it. Adding a feature to share something into my todo list is a given, and I have a few other projects that I think could benefit. Getting a tool like this with so many possibilities is sometimes a bit confusing, since you have to get out of a “that’s not possible” mentality that you’ve been living with for so long and mentally accept that something is now possible.

All in all, AutoShare fills a gaping hole in Tasker interaction with Android, and the command system is a brilliant way of allowing for multiple options in the same system. It’s a free download with a $1 in-app purchase to upgrade to premium, which considering the functionality it has should be a no-brainer.

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Download: Google Play

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Andreas Ødegård is more interested in aftermarket (and user created) software and hardware than chasing the latest gadgets. His day job as a teacher keeps him interested in education tech and takes up most of his time.

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3 thoughts on “Quick app review: AutoShare for Android

  • Avatar of Aatif Sumar

    I know asking for specific help on Tasker isn;t the best idea, but there’s something I want to clarify before buying the premium version of Autoshare.
    Here’s what I want to achieve.
    A one click way to share images from the web browser/twitter app/screenshots I take to my wife via whatsapp.
    Don’t want to know how to do it. I want to know if its technically possible to go to image. Click share. Select Autoshare Action, and have it end up sent as a whatsapp message to her.

    • Yes, but you also need autocontacts in order to get the whatsapp uri that links to your wife afaik

  • Hello to the best android coder :)

    I am in the process of using flashcards again.
    I am looking for a way to add “shared” text to my flashcard tool (could be any as long it can export).

    I am a long term user of the Windows and now Android app Mnemosyne (10 yeras?..). I tested this week Anki (for Android and PC), FlashcardsDeluxe and Quizzlet. All have apps for Android. None allows to add me cards intuitivly. Most flashcard tools seem to allow some sort of sycning via Dropbox and Gdrive and save their the card decks in, e.g, tab separated front and backcards. But this won’t help me.

    What could be the master way to go is Tasker & AutoShare workflow. At lest AnkiDroid supports INTENTS and an API (but I am no coder :( ).

    But at least INTENTS.

    Could it be possible to share copied text to AnkiDroid?
    Could are more sophisticated workflow even be possible? To look up copied word in a dictionary app that allows to copy definition to “clipboard”/AnkiDroid? My little research says that ColorDic and InstaDict allow this. I need to test.


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