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Best Buy announces their Black Friday deals, includes six tablets

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For tech lovers, the Best Buy Black Friday deals might be the best part of that Thanksgiving paper. I know that as my wife and sisters are poring over the rest of the ads, planning their shopping the day before, I look for the blue and yellow ad as the only part of the paper I care about. But as Black Friday sales keep starting earlier and earlier, a lot of companies aren’t even waiting until Thanksgiving day to announce what specials they have. Best Buy is no exception.

Of course, the first section I jumped to was the tablets, to see what kind of deals there will be. I know a few people that are in the market for a new tablet, and if they can get one at a good price, they would probably jump at the thought. I won’t list all the prices here, but the six tablets that are on sale are the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 8GB, nabi 2, Amazon Kindle Fire 8GB, Amazon Kindle Fire HD 16GB, Acer Iconia 16GB, and the ASUS Transformer Pad TF300. They also have a few accessories listed – a couple for the iPad, since Apple won’t actually let anyone put a sale on the iPad itself, or any of their other devices for that matter.

If I was in the market for a new tablet, the one on that list that I would buy would be the ASUS Transformer. It is on sale for $100 off the $379 price tag, plus the keyboard dock is on sale for $99. That means for the normal price of just the tablet, you can get the tablet and the keyboard dock, saving a total of $150. This is usually the tablet that I would recommend to people who are looking to replace a laptop for casual use. The keyboard dock is essential because it makes the transition from laptop to tablet that much smoother. Having things like mouse support and full size USB ports, plus the extra battery life, makes this combo a no brainer. And getting it under $400 is an awesome deal.

On the cell phone front, there really isn’t a lot to speak of. The only real deal is the Samsung Galaxy S III. If you didn’t jump at the offer when Best Buy had it for $100 a few weeks ago, you can get it for $50 on Black Friday. There is also another a deal where you can save $100 off a new tablet, ereader, or laptop by signing a new 2-year contract with either Sprint or Verizon. This might be helpful if you want to buy something from that category and it’s time to renew your phone contract, or maybe if you want to buy the Galaxy S III and the ASUS Transformer and save even more money, if they let you do that.

If you want to see all the deals that Best Buy is having, check out the Black Friday online ad at the link below.

[Best Buy]
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