CyanogenMod talks new notification toggles with the CM 4.2 merge

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As those who have used CyanogenMod for any amount of time will know, the custom ROM has included toggles for various settings in the notification area for quite some time. As such, when Google added its own separate notification toggles in a new notification shade, many CM users began to wonder how the change would be handled in future builds of CyanogenMod. Quite quickly, the team responded on Google+, and outlined their plans for notification toggles in the upcoming Android 4.2-based version of CyanogenMod.

In the Google+ post, the team outlined four different options they have in mind to offer for the notification area. The first is that the new stock icons will remain, but they will all be toggles when short pressed and open settings when long pressed, as opposed to the current system, where most of the settings simply open the respective settings page. In addition, all the notification toggles will be fully customizable. For the second and third options, they said that the original notification toggles from earlier CM builds will also be included, and can be placed in either the quick settings area or original notification area. Finally, they say that a fourth secret option will be available, which they seem sure that everyone will like.

Since I will soon be switching to CyanogenMod on my Nexus 7 (as soon as I get a warranty replacement from ASUS), I’m quite interested in how the newest version of this ROM will handle notification toggles. I quite like Google’s interface for the quick settings, but prefer CM’s superior functionality (single taps to change settings). Personally, I think that option one will be best, but the great thing about CyanogenMod is that all the other options will also be available for other users who might not feel the same way.

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