How to create a file browser in Tasker [Video]

With Tasker’s relatively new ability to export creations as apps, users have discovered that certain features of the task creator are are missing and causing problems with exported apps. Tasker itelf has a file browser, for instance  which is used whenever the user needs to browse for a file or folder he/she doesn’t know the path to. Exported apps may also need the user to select a file or folder, but there’s no way to call Tasker’s file browser from a scene!

The solution is to create your own file browser using scenes. The method to do this shown in the video is the method I’ve found to be most effective (after first going wrong with using arrays, and needing some assistance to get on the right track), and the basic concept requires only a handful of actions. You can expand on that as much as you want, but this at least provides a basic file browser that you can then implement in your creations, be it your own personal scenes or exported apps.

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Andreas Ødegård

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