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LOTK Jellybread V 1.0 released for the HTC EVO 4G

2012 11 06 00.34.23 - for some reason we don't have an alt tag hereKendallc123 set out to create a Jelly Bean-inspired ROM for the original HTC EVO 4G that had the stability and functionality of Gingerbread. What was left after is a ROM that looks and performs like most Jelly Bean ROMs, but has fully functioning hardware acceleration and stability.

The ROM contains many of the speed and stability hacks that Gingerbread had, including the Car-o-Dope tweaks, A2SD, the Mason SBC kernel, ICS and Jelly Bean themes, a fairly neat looking lockscreen, and the usual claims of speed increases and better battery life that reminds me of the 2012 campaigns.

Beats Audio is baked in according to the features list; however, there do not seem to be controls for it. When I played the same song via headset on a phone with Beats, it sounded so much louder and with more depth than the audio produced by Jellybread, so not sure if that’s a mis-label or a limitation of the CM7 GB base (reading through the thread, this seems to be a known issue).

The other thing I noticed was that the new Google Search/Google Now was not included. I understand why, as unfortunately the base needs to be a minimum of Ice Cream Sandwich, but that sort of throws the appeal off a bit. Add to that the lack of Chrome support, and this feels sort of lacking.

However, if Chrome and Google Now are not your thing (they’ve become mine), and you want working WiMAX 4G, camera, and everything else you purchased working with your EVO 4G, this ROM has it going on pretty nicely for an initial release. There’s also not much indication anywhere that you’re not running an AOSP JB from the appearance of the thing.

You’ll need a partitioned SD card containing an EXT4 partition to use A2SD, or even install the ROM if you don’t want to get stuck in boot loops. You can follow the triple wipe measure if you’re running an old version of ClockworkMod, but it’s probably not needed.

Instructions for flashing if you’re on Boost Mobile are also included, so if you’re not on Sprint and want it over there with you, that’s a plus.

It’s a great first start for a new developer, and don’t let it appear that I’m putting the ROM down. It’s speedy and looks great, but I want JB for what it can do and not what it looks like (I actually am not a fan of vanilla JB). That, however is a personal preference.

Give it a try, and let us know what you think. This would probably be my daily ROM if I was still using the EVO 4G as my phone. This is a great first effort, and I look forward to seeing this developed.

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