Ogaco iKazoo offers up plenty of functionality in a cute, fun package

There are a number of very useful accessories for your mobile gadgets, ranging from nifty cases to hardcore gaming accessories. There’s a huge market for mobile accessories because everyone wants something different for their favorite electronics, which means that more and more companies are innovating in the space – and giving consumers like you and me even better accessories.

The Ogaco iKazoo is one very innovative new accessory. As you can see from the video above, the iKazoo acts as a sort of all-in-one accessory: it’s a game controller, a music-maker, and an intuitive navigation tool – all in the same product.

Through Bluetooth, the iKazoo will be able to communicate with your iDevice or your Android device. Depending on what you are doing on your gadget, the accessory will perform simply as a tool to help you get the task at hand done – and have fun while doing it. For example, you can use the iKazoo as a tilting mechanism for games that support the accelerometer in your device; in other words, instead of tilting your 9.7-inch iPad, you can tilt the much-smaller iKazoo and achieve the same effect.

It can also be used as a fun music-maker (as its name implies), as well as a gamepad and even a chromatic keyboard. (For those who don’t know, a chromatic keyboard isn’t a desktop keyboard; it’s an instrument.)

As of right now, Ogaco is trying to hype the iKazoo up so it can eventually make its way to the market. Hit the source link below to read more about the accessory and get yourself hyped up for what seems to be a very innovative product.

[Ogaco iKazoo]
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