Poll: Has your iPhone 5 exhibited quick scrolling issues?

Apple’s iPhone 5 has been a fairly major success, with the device’s demand still being much higher than production. Reasons for its success include a new design; an improved, bigger screen; LTE; and a number of other improvements.

Unfortunately, one of those new improvements – specifically, the revamped in-cell screen – is causing problems for a few iPhone 5 owners. CMA Megacorp, an iOS developer, found out that, in some instances, the quick diagonal swipes across the new iPhone’s screen will result in the device not registering any input.

According to the above video made by Recombu, the issue is only found on iPhone 5 models. It doesn’t matter which version of iOS 6 they’re running – they simply stop recognizing touches when being swiped diagonally in a quick matter, which means that the issue could certainly relate to the new hardware.

For comparison’s sake, iPhone 4S models running any version of iOS 6 don’t suffer from this issue. My 4S running iOS 6.0.1 shows no signs of scrolling troubles.

As always, Apple has remained mum on the issue, which means that we don’t know for sure if it’s a software bug afflicting the new iPhone 5 – or if it’s just the new iPhone itself. But we can do a quick poll to see how many of you who own the new iPhone are suffering from the issue. If you take part in the poll, be sure to let us know when the first time you suffered from this issue was.

[ CMA Megacorp | Recombu via AppleInsider]

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