Nexus Notify will send you an email or text notification when the LG Nexus 4 is back in stock

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Just like many other Android fans, I have been waiting anxiously for the LG Nexus 4 to go back in stock at the Google Play Store ever since it sold out mere hours after being released. “Anxiously” is certainly the right word, as there is quite a bit of concern that the Nexus 4 will sell out when it goes back up for sale, just as fast as it did during the initial offering.

In order to know right away when the Nexus 4 will be back in stock, many fans are using custom setups with IFTTT and other types of scripts to send email and SMS notifications when the device is back up for sale. These may have been a bit out of reach to the average user, but now even those who don’t want to deal with building their own notification system can be sure to know when the Nexus 4 goes back in stock thanks to a simple website.

Called simply Nexus 4 Notifier, the website (which can be accessed through the source link below) has a short form that users can fill out, in whichthey can choose to be notified by email when the 8GB or 16GB Nexus 4 goes back in stock. For those who would prefer a SMS notification, a premade IFTTT profile is provided.

While I’m hoping that Google gets plenty of Nexus 4s in the next batch and doesn’t sell out, I still decided to go ahead and sign up so I can be sure to get my device. I’m looking forward to getting the Nexus 4 so that I can review it and begin digging into customization, so it is really a shame that Google still isn’t able to let me give them my money.

[Nexus Notify]
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