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We haven’t really heard much from Sony (at least in the smartphone realm  since the dubious “Sony Nexus” images leaked this summer, but that doesn’t mean new Android devices haven’t been in the works. The last Sony Android flagship was the Sony Xperia S, which initially looked quite good and had the typical great Sony industrial design, but for some reason it never really caught on in the US despite being available on AT&T. Today, Xperia Blog has leaked what appears to be the next Sony flagship Android device, and it looks even better than the last.

Codenamed the Sony Yuga, the handset is one of the first to lack the Xperia branding (now that Sony bought out their stake in the handset division), which makes the front of the device very clean. It actually looks a lot like the Xperia S, but with even more angular corners and flat glass. On the inside, the Yuga is said to be packing a 1.5GHz quad-core processor, 2GB of RAM, 12MP rear camera, and 5-inch 1080p display, nearly all of which put the Yuga squarely in the realm of top-tier devices.

The OS of choice for the pictured device at the time of the photos was Android 4.1.1, which isn’t quite the latest version, but this is understandable. Android 4.2 just came out, and it isn’t a massive update anyhow. Hopefully the device will come with Android 4.2, but 4.1.1 isn’t too terribly behind. The software does appear to be running a custom Sony skin, but the extra tweaks don’t appear to be too obtrusive or very resource heavy.

Like the Nexus 4, the Yuga is rumored to have a glass back and unibody casing, which won’t allow for a removable battery but admittedly looks quite striking. (You can see more images of the device through the source link below.) There’s still no word on when this smartphone will be officially announced or released, but based these specs and Sony’s beautiful industrial design, I’m certainly going to be keeping a lookout for any more news.

[Xperia Blog]
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