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Sprint begins LTE roll out in nine more cities, but is it enough?

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Yesterday, Sprint announced that it has begun working on LTE in nine more cities: Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota; Fort Smith, Arkansas; Ardmore, Oklahoma;  Oakland/Fremont/Hayward, California; Michigan City/La Porte and Bloomington, Indiana; McAllen/Edinburg/Mission, Texas; Key West, Florida; and Eau Claire, Wisconsin.

This is in addition to the hundred or so other cities in which Sprint says it’s working on LTE. But is this enough?

Sprint keeps saying that LTE will be available in these cities in the “following months,” but what about right now? The struggling carrier keeps adding new markets to its ever-growing list of places where it is working on LTE, but the number of cities in which LTE has actually officially rolled out remains quite small.

In fact, while Verizon and AT&T continually announce new LTE markets or improvements in existing markets, Sprint remains the only carrier to announce markets in which LTE is coming soon … but not quite ready yet.

I understand that Sprint has a lot of catching up to do, mainly due to its (possibly misplaced) faith in Clearwire to roll out WiMAX in a timely manner. I get that. But I’m tired of more and more promises, while network conditions continue to deteriorate right now, in the present. Rather than promising more things to more people, Sprint needs to just get its job done, and tell people when it’s finished.

Most seasoned business people will tell you that one of the keys to success is to under promise and over deliver. Doesn’t it seem like Sprint is setting itself up to over promise and under deliver – especially given the fact that so many people in so many places have been promised 4G coverage in the coming months, every month for the past two years?

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