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Google apologizes for Google Wallet refund confusion

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Long after Google began sending out refunds to Google Wallet users who were owed refunds for the now defunct prepaid Google Wallet card, the company is now sending out emails apologizing for the confusion.

Why are some people confused about their refunds? Because people are receiving replacement cards with letters stating that a previous card they owned was reported as lost or stolen. Many who received these began panicking, thinking that their identities had been stolen, and accounts were being opened in their names – and in this age of increased cyber crime and online fraud, it is definitely reasonable to be worried about these things.

The email from Google, which users have been receiving today, states that the replacement cards arrive in an envelope from “IRR CREAM.” Furthermore, Google states, “The letter accompanying the card inaccurately states that you ‘reported an Everywhere MasterCard® lost or stolen.’ We apologize for any confusion this may have caused – please be assured that this is your Google Wallet Prepaid Card refund.”

Given Google’s recent track record of remaining largely silent about big mess ups, it’s nice to see Google publicly acknowledge its mistake and set the record straight. I guess when money is at stake, people don’t mess around.

Thanks, Ian!

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3 thoughts on “Google apologizes for Google Wallet refund confusion

  • Avatar of Matthew

    How do I get the 10 dollar prepaid that I was promised with the preorder of the LTE?

  • Avatar of Chaco

    i received it and i will admit, i did get concerned when the letter stated that. I was mad and did some digging until i found out it was legit.
    this is a clear goof off for the vendor company and something someone did not clearly signed off as being accurate. shame on the rewards company!

  • The email was nice. I just wish it came before I received the card and shredded it as a scam. :-/

    I just called the customer service line to request a replacement and they had no problem doing so, for no fee. 7 – 10 days.


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