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Google Holiday Surprise promotion offers free Rolling Stones song today, new deals through the end of the month

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Over the past year, Google has held plenty of promotions to get people to buy content on the Google Play Store. My personal favorite are the ten cent sales, where Google will offer up apps, music, and movies, for only a dime. This holiday season, however, it is doing something different. Instead of putting individual items on sale all at once, Google is doing an “offer of the day” sort of deal. From now until January 1, the Google Play 2012 Holiday Surprise page will have a new free offer or sale every day.

Today’s deal is a free Rolling Stones song, Beasts of Burden. Being a fan of classic rock, I quite like the song to begin with, but even if you aren’t such a fan, it is certainly worth having for free anyways. Yesterday’s deal, which was a $35 credit to the purchase of a hotel with the installation of an app, also still appears to be live.

There’s no way to tell what will be offered up for free or heavily discounted tomorrow, but I’m certainly going to be checking the page every day until the promotion ends. A free song may be worth only $0.99 at most, but tomorrow’s sale could easily be a $5-$10 app for free. Anyway, as long as the offers are free, there’s no reason not to grab them. Even if a sale does pop up, based on Google’s track record with past app sales, it is likely to be a good one.

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