Jaguar Series II ROM released for the HTC EVO 4G

2012 12 09 17.35.45 - for some reason we don't have an alt tag hereThe Jaguar Series II ROM is a custom Gingerbread-based ROM for the original HTC EVO 4G that makes your phone think and act like it’s an HTC Sensation.

It features the Underworld 0.8 SBC+ Sense kernel for fast charging, ViperMOD, the Sony Bravia-3 engine, Apps2SD support, and a variety of ringtones from the Samsung Galaxy S III that do not really exist in EVO-land. It’s got Jelly Bean-style lockscreens, panorama camera, 4G/WiMAX, Stagefright-enhanced, and Sense 1.0.

You’ll also need a partitioned EXT3/4 SDcard before you install this, or you’ll be in a series of bootloops. Unfortunately, there are no ways listed around the A2SD requirements.

Comparing this GB ROM to other GB ROMs for the EVO 4G, it’s slightly more responsive to the touch, or perhaps I’m the victim of the changelog advertising. It wakes up faster and seems to transition slightly better than most GB ROMs I’ve played with, and although it doesn’t quite reach Deck’s Reloaded levels of responsiveness, it’s close enough to not matter.

There’s not a lot evident to the end user that this is a custom ROM. This may be by design, as most people want something that just works and is fast, but it does leave a lot of customization up to the end-user.

The JS2 ROM takes a while to install, and then it takes two or three reboots before it gets to a point where you are at the main screen – this is by design, so just walk away for ten or so minutes. I’m also going to give you this piece of advice: do not install this while your significant other is sleeping in the same room, as it has boot music that cannot be shut off, and it is also the loudest ROM I have ever heard. I didn’t know my EVO 4G speaker was capable of that.

I had one unexpected reboot while I was playing with the thing. I think the undervolting/battery saver and my phone might not mix when you go into the camera. I’m pretty sure that’s adjustable, but there was not a lot drawing me into the camera application when I was playing with this. I also was unable to take a screenshot

The audio all across the board is a lot nicer than stock, but that’s been the case with most ROMs the past year or so.

All in all, it’s about where a Gingerbread ROM can be – incredibly advanced, better than the EVO was shipped with, and still a couple of versions behind where we’re all looking now while waiting for the next OS to be fully functional on hardware that was discontinued relatively quite a while ago.

It’s a great little ROM; I’d check it out if you’re looking for something that feels different yet looks the same.

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4 thoughts on “Jaguar Series II ROM released for the HTC EVO 4G

  • Avatar of Amaults27

    Will creating a partition on the SD card erase it’s data?

    • Avatar of Paul E King

      yes. You’ll need to back up the data, partition the card, copy the data back. Once the EXT3/4 partition is there you’re set for all future ROMs and shouldn’t interfere with older ROMs.

      • Avatar of Amaults27

        Cool. Thanks Paul.

  • Avatar of Brian

    I like this ROM, but it seems to run really slow (transitioning from screen to screen). What steps can be taken to speed it up?


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